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Top 5: Reasons to be a Seomate (A Belated Birthday Post)


So sue me, Seomates. I missed the chance to post something on Seohyun’s birthday. I was busy making sure things were running smoothly atย Seolely Juhyun and spamming twitter,ย helping to get Seohyun’s hashtags to trend, amongst other important activities.ย This post came to mind a few weeks before when I realized I hadn’t posted a Top 5 in awhile, or even posted altogether. So we all know why we’re fans of thisย multi-talented woman. But what about those that are on the fence? Seohyun been wrecking your bias list lately? Here’s why I think you should convert to Seomate-ism as soon as possible.

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Top 5: Seohyun’s Best Cover Songs

Here’s another Top 5! For this one, I decided to count down my favorite covers sung by Seohyun. Since many of the covers sung by SNSD members are English songs, this list ended up being entirely in my native language. Not like it matters to this Korean girl, her accent is near perfect! Read on to see if you agree with my faves ๐Ÿ™‚

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Top 5: Seohyun’s Most Awkward Moments

On this edition of Top 5, I will be counting down Seohyun’s most awkward televised moments. While we know Seobaby can be very playful and talkative behind the scenes, she has been known to get just a bit shyย when put on the spot.ย As fans I thinkย we can admit –variety is just not her forte. However, this trait is something that most fans, myself included, find extra endearing about her personality. Now… on to the akwardness! Get ready to cringe and spazz simultaneously!

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Top 5: Seohyun’s Wisest TV Moments

It’s time for another edition of “Top 5”! While I have been a little shallow so far for onlyย having countedย down my favorite airport fashion and music video looks, this one will dig a bit deeper. I’m counting down those special televised moments when Seohyun says something so profound that she leaves the viewers, and everyone at the studio, in awe.

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Top 5: Seohyun Music Video Looks

I’m back with Top 5! The last post counted down my favorite airport looks and was focused on personal style.ย This time, it’s all about the sexy music video outfits worn by SNSD. Which looks suited Seohyun the best? Read on for my favorites!

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Top 5: Seohyun’s Airport Fashion

Welcome to Top 5, where I rank my top 5 ANYTHING related toย Seohyun.ย For my first post, what better to focus on than on maknae’s sophisticated airport fashion?ย When this woman walks through that terminal, all eyes are on her. Well… allย of OUR eyes are on her ๐Ÿ™‚ Bring onย Ms. Audrey Hyun!

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