Top 5: Seohyun’s Wisest TV Moments

It’s time for another edition of “Top 5”! While I have been a little shallow so far for only having counted down my favorite airport fashion and music video looks, this one will dig a bit deeper. I’m counting down those special televised moments when Seohyun says something so profound that she leaves the viewers, and everyone at the studio, in awe.



What kind of countdown of Seohyun quotes would this be without the infamous line from Taeyeon’s time on We Got Married? There are SONEs who really don’t know much about Seohyun, but if they know anything, they remember this. Quick Recap (as if you need it): Yuri and Seohyun are on a shopping trip with Taeyeon’s virtual husband, Jung Hyung Don. Hyung Don incessantly reaches for unhealthy food items, and when chastised by the twin pianists, he rebuts by saying something to the effect of “It’s not as if I’ll die from just eating this.” Oh, but the wise maknae is ready.

Unhealthy diet accumulates and eventually you’ll die!

OWNED! And this is the phrase that runs through any SONE/Seomates’ heads whenever they pick up a cheeseburger or bag of chips. You may still eat it of course, but if Seohyun has you thinking of her during your junk food binge, then she’s done her job.

4. Entertainers do have a brain!: Education Advocate Hyun


Another classic Seohyun moment, but this one comes from “Girls’ Go To School”, the series christened by SONEs as “The Soshi Bible”. After the girls’ properly celebrate Tiffany’s birthday by surprising her with a cake, they huddle around a candle lit table and pour their hearts out. Seohyun tells the girls that her classmates in highschool make snarky comments about how she shouldn’t be studying since she is already an entertainer. But education has always been important to the maknae.

There’s no reason for me to give up. I didn’t quit high school. People look down on us if we don’t go to school because of work, right? ‘Entertainers have no brain.’ I feel so frustrated hearing that kind of stuff from people. We just have a different goal. We have our own ways.

Our maknae sure had a way with words, even from the very beginning. Her tears were sincere. Such a touching moment she was able to share with her unnies, and all of us as well. I’m proud of her for sticking with it and attending University as well. FIGHTING!

3. Love is…: Relationship Expert Hyun


If you became a fan of Seohyun through watching We Got Married, like I did, chances are you were stunned into silence when during the first episode, Seohyun asked Yonghwa about the difference between like and love. It was an unreal moment that had me questioning whether she was playing innocent. It turned out that this bookworm really was clueless when it came to matters of the heart. That is, until one of the final episodes, when she is asked this same question by the producers of WGM.

Liking someone is like when a dandelion seed lightly lands on the ground. It’s soft and makes you happy. Loving someone is like when that dandelion seed grows roots into the ground and then flowers. A dandelion seed can lightly come and go, right? But in order for it to flower, you have to water it, block it from the wind, and treasure it dearly. That’s what I think.



Seriously, this woman is amazing. Give her a love advice column. NOW.

What an eloquent way to state it. I am beyond impressed. And this is what? … only number 3 on my countdown? There’s more to come.

2. Into the New World: Humble Superstar Hyun


This moment happened during a show called Playlist, where a celebrity chooses some of their favorite songs, and their videos are shown throughout. One of the songs on Seohyun’s list happened to be SNSD’s debut song, Into the New World. Why is it on Hyun’s playlist?

There’s an SNSD song I listen to during difficult times. It was our debut song… and I listen to it a lot. Because the attitude we first had then doesn’t stay the same. When there are a lot of difficult situations and I become lazy, if I listen to the song we sang back then, I can really feel how passionate I was about wanting to do this work.

I’ve always wondered how SNSD, and idol stars in general, keep smiles on their faces 24/7. How do they stay motivated when they are overworked and faced with harsh criticism? SNSD has been around for 5+ years. It’s apparent they aren’t the same fresh-faced girls from their debut video. I love the fact that Seohyun acknowledges this, and is inspired by all the passion she had during those trainee and debut days.












1. Find your Purpose : Wise Sage Hyun


Seohyun and some of her SNSD unnies were featured on a show called “Big Brothers”. Now this show has no ordinary MCs. There are singers, an actor and even a novelist – all veterans. And these ahjussis aren’t easy to please. At the beginning of the show, the members are grilled by the MCs on various topics, from nicknames to philosophy. Seohyun was asked what advice she had for her peers around the world.

Firstly, young people focus on big dreams so, I think they think too much of failures. Instead of focusing on success or failure, I would like them to focus on their purpose of life, I think that would be better for them.

The men were stunned that this girl was the maknae and not the oldest of the group. It’s not your standard variety fare, that’s for sure. Seohyun’s chingus, or peers, are those in the college-aged group. This is a crucial time when career paths are chosen and futures are decided. It’s a tough time for most. Seohyun advises you to focus on the big picture rather than worry about what others impose on you as being a “success” or “failure”. Wise one, she is.


Is anyone feeling less than adequate? Honestly, you shouldn’t be. Seohyun is flawed like the rest of us, but one of her strengths lies in her eloquence and passion for helping others. We should be inspired and learn from this strong person.

That’s it for my Top 5! Stay tuned for the next one.

What is your favorite Wise TV moment of Seohyun? Are any of these your favorite? Let me know! 🙂

Note: The idea for the Top 5 features were inspired by Soshified’s “The Best of the Best” column. Be sure to check theirs out too! :-)


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  1. ohmg thanks for this!! Seriously daebak!! So proud to be a seomate 😀 ❤ #seohyun

  2. This is an awesome list and concept. Please do these as often as possible. They are sources of inspiration. 😀

  3. I love all the quotes u listed above!! With just the 5 quotes given, it already tells us alittle about her. I hope she continuously mature and grows into the person she inspires to be! A role model to alot of people!! ❤

  4. She is really amazing! I would like my daughter to be strong like her. 🙂 I love and support you seohyun.

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