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[SEOSTAGRAM] 어제 seohyun’s party에 오셔서 생일 축하해주신 모든분들~~너무너무 고마웠어요^^덕분에 정말 행복한 날이었어요♡ #서현생일파티

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[SEOSTAGRAM] 오늘 밤 10시~!!#맨도롱또똣 본방사수 해줄거죠~?♡ 너무 즐거운 촬영이었어요~^^ 맨도롱 또똣 화이팅!!♡

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The Grand Reveal! Ginger Hyun


The wait is FINALLY OVER. Seohyun has appeared in public with the new hair color she’s been hiding from us so carefully. And baby is a red head! We were finally able to see it in its full glory, in natural sunlight. Can we safely assume this is the final comeback look? Who knows. She may have gone as far as getting extensions dyed the same color. But I’d be satisfied with this look as the final product 🙂





The hair flip. Hold me. :’)


RBF. It’s ok. Sexy as ever.


And of course our lovely friends at GGU3 uploaded an adorable fancam of my favorite airport duo acting a fool in the terminal. Precious, yes.

A certain ginger someone was also spotted in Hyo’s most recent instagram post on the set of their new MV/Photobook/Whatever. You know, the project that SM rented out an ENTIRE FREAKING ISLAND FOR. Show yourself, woman! Post some glory of your own!

Do you see our little cupcake back there?

Do you see our little cupcake back there?

So while this new color is a bit jarring, TO ME, I think it’s pretty and will grow on me some more soon. Thoughts?


  • Fancam – ggu3net
  • Photos – ggu3net, Mr. Zhang, Min, Kim Hyoyeon

Seohyun attends a Wedding! Is that a wig?


Seohyun was spotted along with Sooyoung, Yoona and Yuri at a wedding yesterday, most likely that of an SM staff member. Members of EXO, Super Junior and TVXQ can be seen in the rest of the photos. Aside from an actual photo of Blonde!Yoona giving us a shock, what’s up with Seohyun back as a brunette?

See the thing is… you don’t tease us with a picture you took in a dance practice room of your hair looking lighter than ever and then continue to evade us on social media for what feels like an eternity, and THEN show up in public as if nothing ever happened.


You know that’s going to make us suspicious, don’t you? Seomates are on edge and wondering whether the woman would go so far as to wear a wig to throw us off. She saw Yoona’s reveal efforts get thwarted by her manager after her birthday fanmeeting. Something tells me she’d be smart enough to know photos of this wedding would get leaked, no matter how tight security was.




Seomates will be left in the dark until we know for sure, when SNSD makes their official comeback (God knows when). Until then, let’s just enjoy the tiny hints we’ll get to see of our idol until then. She actually serenaded the newlywed couple with Ariana Grande’s “My Everything”. (The woman sure loves her some Ari.) Let’s pray someone uploads the full version soon! The tease is almost too cruel!


  • Instagram – zrokim
  • Wedding Photos – exo_01140112