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[VIDEO] Complete Video Collection DVD Preview @ ZIP! JAPAN TV CUT Eng Sub

Check out some commentary from the girls on some of their most popular videos! The main reason I posted it on the blog was for the adorable moment at around 1:43, when Seohyun’s first line from Into the New World appears on screen, and the unnies go wild. I love the fact that Seohyun is treated like the baby and that just a clip of her debut self can elicit such a response.

This clip does have me wondering though… do they ever go back and watch their old MVs? It seems like they’re viewing these for the first time in years by the way they react. Either way, interesting to watch!

Thank you to the subber/uploader HeartsDieSubs ♥

Gifs by GGOH


[VIDEO] Seohyun Mentioned by Ryeowook on Kiss the Radio 120828

If you don’t already know, South Korea has issued warnings over a typhoon that will be hitting the country soon. On today’s Kiss the Radio, Super Junior member Ryeowook mentions a long mass text sent by Seohyun, warning her close friends to be safe. I don’t have the full translation, but please listen up for Sungmin’s whining over having been left out of that text forward. Maybe you overlooked it, Sungmin? You know if Seohyun hears about this, she will be sending him a text out of courtesy haha because that’s just how our maknae is.

[VIDEO] TaeTiSeo on Superstar K4 120824

Yes, yes. I’m just a tad bit late on posting TaeTiSeo’s cuts on Superstar K4. But better late than never, right? I hadn’t even realized this had aired already!

Can I just say one thing? Just WHO does that guy thinks he is by putting his arm around our yeoshin’s shoulders oh HECK NOOOOO. Ok, rage over. haha. I actually thought it was funny that the soldiers were raging just as much as we were. I wasn’t alone in raging about that, was I? *hides*

Can’t forget Seohyun’s reaction to weird guy over there yelling as his warm-up.

Not much Seohyun in this cut, but it’s cute to see everyone fanboying over her.

  • Uploader: krisbrows02
  • Gif: thank-kyu

[PHOTOS] Seohyun for The Face Shop 120827


[PHOTOS] Seohyun at China-Korea Festival 120825

More photos from rehearsal/performance below!! 🙂

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[PHOTOS] Seohyun at Lotte Department Store MCM Event 120824

Seohyun attended an event today with fellow SNSD member Sooyoung! Check out the pics of her stylish outfit and a… huge stuffed animal?

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[PHOTO] Seohyun’s Selca with TaeTiSeo Backup Dancer 120821

Seohyun with dancer Soulme Lee! Adorable 🙂 Both are looking lovely


[FANCAMS] Seohyun at SMTown Seoul 120818

Credit to fancammers: Seohyun-a, ihope9, limmybum

[PHOTOS] Seohyun at SMTown Seoul 120818

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[PHOTOS] Seohyun for The Face Shop and SPAO 120816