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Seohyun at the 2011 MAMA Awards

Although the MAMAs aren’t exactly the most prestigious music awards in Korea, they seem to be the most talked about by International K-Pop fans. The fashion, the performances and the awards have all been hot topics these past few days and SNSD has certainly been the talk of the town for many different reasons. Let’s take a closer look at our favorite maknae’s fashion choices and dance performance, shall we? Read the rest of this entry


Seo Joo Hyun: An Average College Student

In episode 2 of KBS Star Life Theatre, fans of Seohyun are treated to a special look into a day at Dongguk University with our favorite maknae. I think it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this short 8 minute segment has given SONE the most accurate picture of what Seohyun is in real life than any other show that has aired so far. Read the rest of this entry

Classic Cut: Seohyun on “Lee Seung Gi’s Ideal Person World Cup”

 As a fairly new Seomate, it’s been fun exploring the “vaults” of Soshified’s SoshiSubs. Before WGM, Seohyun did not get very much exposure on variety shows. But this here is a fun clip from 2009 from a program done as a search for Lee Seung Gi’s then unknown “ideal type”. Read the rest of this entry

Seomates Continue Getting Spoiled by The Face Shop

Seomates have struck gold with this endorsement deal! We’ve been getting so many great pictures of Seohyun these days. With that radiant skin, who wouldn’t be compelled to buy 1,000+ bottles of whatever she’s selling? Read the rest of this entry

Seohyun on the Red Carpet – 2011 Style Icon Awards 110311

The girls of SNSD were dressed to kill at last night’s Style Icon Awards Event. And once again, Ms. Seo Joo Hyun stuns us with her mature beauty. No matter what angle she was photographed from, she managed to give off a sleek, sexy and sophisticated vibe with her black and gold ensemble. Does this call for a pic spam? Why yes… yes it does!  Read the rest of this entry

What goes on in Seohyun’s Brain?

Our maknae made an appearance on Mnet’s “Wide Open Studio” alongside her unnies Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny. During one segment of the show, the girls showed us their “brain maps”, diagrams that showed exactly what goes on in the girls’ brains on any given day. The parts of the brain drawn the largest were what occupied most of their thoughts. Can you guess what Seohyun put on her brain map? Read the rest of this entry

The Boys – Music Show Performances Round Up

Honestly, ever since I came back from New York it’s been hard keeping up with Seohyun and the girls. Our fabulous 9 seem to be just about everywhere these days! From interviews in New York, to pre-recorded performances, CFs, television appearances… where to even begin? I decided to start with the most important aspect – the music. The girls have put on some impressive performances lately, and we’ve even had a few music show wins! Since there are so many, I’ve decided to only round up a few favorites. Performances + Seobaby Pic Spam – Under the cut! Read the rest of this entry