Classic Cut: Seohyun on “Lee Seung Gi’s Ideal Person World Cup”

 As a fairly new Seomate, it’s been fun exploring the “vaults” of Soshified’s SoshiSubs. Before WGM, Seohyun did not get very much exposure on variety shows. But this here is a fun clip from 2009 from a program done as a search for Lee Seung Gi’s then unknown “ideal type”.

Nothing in Kpop would be fun if it wasn’t dissected and overanalyzed, would it? hehe Although the clip is just some light-hearted fun, it’s interesting to see how the maknae interacted with people before the YongSeo couple was even a thought. She answers all the questions very cautiously and does a lot of nervous giggling. Not saying that she still isn’t a cautious person, but she seems a lot more uptight in this clip then now. My favorite part of the segment would have to be the “Beautiful Girl” song of course. Yeah I fall victim to aegyo, so sue me. But back to the song… it’s interesting because Seohyun has always been known as an extremely professional performer, but critics have said she lacks emotion. In my opinion, in this case, this is partly because the thought of having to bounce around singing “I’m a beautiful girl oppa” and having a guy choose between you and your unnie is SO NOT HER STYLE. This is the same girl who had to record the lines “oh, oh oh oh” and “ppareul saranghae” separately, just to avoid singing  oppa and love in the same sentence. It was utterly adorable in my biased eyes, but I could tell this particualr appearance was just work for Seohyun, the girl who had more interest in cartoon characters than national star Lee Seung Gi. Yuri, who does not appear much in this particular cut I made, danced to a sexy Jennifer Lopez track and gave oppa an adorable wink. If you’re a SONE, you already know the effect Yuri’s dancing has on men (and women!) There was no question who LSG would ultimately choose, this I knew from the beginning.

Watching all of these older clips makes me appreciate the fact that Seohyun has grown and seems to enjoy being on variety a lot more now. Despite what some may see as flaws, Seomates always take these as reasons to love her even more.

So what did you think about the clip? Was I being too harsh on pre-WGM Seo? Did you enjoy it?


  • Original Video & Subs – Soshified

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