Seohyun at the 2011 MAMA Awards

Although the MAMAs aren’t exactly the most prestigious music awards in Korea, they seem to be the most talked about by International K-Pop fans. The fashion, the performances and the awards have all been hot topics these past few days and SNSD has certainly been the talk of the town for many different reasons. Let’s take a closer look at our favorite maknae’s fashion choices and dance performance, shall we?

On the red carpet:

I have to say that I am really impressed with all 9 gowns, they are absolutely gorgeous down to the last details. I like that the girls all seemed to follow a theme, but did not wear identical dresses. They were all unique and the girls looked stunning. About Seohyun, I loved everything about her gown. It was absolutely breathtaking. But I know that’s not what everyone wants to hear. Seohyun has been critcized by many who felt that she should not have worn a dress with a neckline so low if she was not completely comfortable with this. I  disagree that her integrity should come into question for making this decision. She was obviously comfortable enough to say yes to the gown but when the time came, she then became a bit uncomfortable. As a Seomate, I find it endearing and totally in character. As a woman, I can relate. I think she looked amazing, with or without her hand covering herself. I also think that this may be due to cultural differences. I’ve heard that Korean female celebrities often display this type of behavior and are parodied for it, but it is usually not caught in pictures. It’s even more adorable that Seo would not remove her hand at all, not even for group pictures. Now, that was my opinion so… moving on…

The dance intro to The Boys!! Wow!!

To be honest, I feel like a horrible Seomate for automatically assuming that it was Yuri dancing to the intro. I saw Sooyoung and the powerful moves and figured that they’d pair her with another jangshin dancer. Oh does it feel great to be wrong. The moves were sexy, powerful and perfectly in sync. Yes, that intro gave me chills. The performance itself was great, despite a few mistakes made by the girls. I still enjoyed it.

And we can’t forget the awards! Congratulations to SNSD for winning Best Female Artist & Artist of the Year! To be honest, I wasn’t expecting both of these wins due to the way the voting was going, but I was confident SNSD wouldn’t be going empty handed. The fangirl in me says it’s because they worked their butts off and did an amazing job promoting all year (throughout Asia that is). The skeptic in me says that one of the night’s biggest acts could not  be left out and go home without an award and the show wanted ratings. Perhaps it’s a combination of both. I’m not an expert. Regardless, it’s an honor for Girls’ Generation to be considered for any awards and it was nice to see them all excited to go up and accept them.

Here are a few extra photos of Seohyun from throughout the night:

So what are your opinions about the fashion, performance and awards of the night? Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear what you think!


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  1. i think … she shouldn’t wear that dress.., but no matter what , she’s so adorable to me with her style..i love seohyun…i hope suju didn’t watch seo wear like that , she’ll shy..

  2. She looked uncomfortable wearing that dress. But, she’s still gorgeous!
    Maknae, jjang! ❤

  3. I’m sorry she was unconfortable but there’s nothing wrong with the dress. She looked great! There’s no reason to criticise her, she didn’t do anything wrong and she is adorable ^^

  4. i love it too..aww, it is so adorable when she covering herself that way cause Seohyun is Eastern artist. she has the quality. maybe not her fault at all, it’s kinda different when wear sexy dress in fitting room and in front of crowd. love her!

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