Seo Joo Hyun: An Average College Student

In episode 2 of KBS Star Life Theatre, fans of Seohyun are treated to a special look into a day at Dongguk University with our favorite maknae. I think it isn’t an exaggeration to say that this short 8 minute segment has given SONE the most accurate picture of what Seohyun is in real life than any other show that has aired so far.

In most shows about Seohyun, we see the very quiet and reserved side of her and rarely do we get to see the friendly “classmate”. I’m not saying that she could just let go and be herself in front of a camera, since the pressure to be the perfect idol is still there, but I noticed that she was much more relaxed during the segment. The way she ran and hugged her friends and joked around with them was just so…. ordinary. And I mean it in the very best way possible. She really blended in around her fellow classmates.

Towards the beginning of the clip, one of her friends mentions how she would always try to avoid celebrities as they had a bad reputation. She goes on to say that she feels much more comfortable around Seohyun, who approached her first. Another one of her friends was an old high school classmate. It made me feel good to know that these people don’t seem to just be hanging around because they are fans of the group. As much as we SONE say we would die to attend the school and be one of her friends, I’m glad she’s around people that care more about Seo Joo Hyun the person than Seohyun from SNSD.

To address something a bit more negative, I noticed that many commenters pointed out the fact that Seohyun bought everyone’s lunch and brought them gifts. Personally, I can totally relate to her. I love to give to my friends whenever I can, especially when I know they aren’t in the position to spend money. But, she did mention the fact that it is reciprocated all the time. While Seohyun doesn’t seem to be the street smart type, I am confident that she knows not to go too far. Come on guys…. she’s a little innocent yes, but not completely naive.

Seohyun, I hope you continue to have a very rewarding college career! You’ve once again made me very proud to be your fan!


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