The Boys – Music Show Performances Round Up

Honestly, ever since I came back from New York it’s been hard keeping up with Seohyun and the girls. Our fabulous 9 seem to be just about everywhere these days! From interviews in New York, to pre-recorded performances, CFs, television appearances… where to even begin? I decided to start with the most important aspect – the music. The girls have put on some impressive performances lately, and we’ve even had a few music show wins! Since there are so many, I’ve decided to only round up a few favorites. Performances + Seobaby Pic Spam – Under the cut!

1. KBS Music Bank Comeback Special 10/21/11

I think all SONEs can agree that this was one exciting performance to watch. I was too busy spazzing through my first watch that I couldn’t really focus on anything in particular. It was good to hear K-Sones already chanting The Boys.

2. SBS Inkigayo (Includes Egg Song+Mr. Taxi)

Ok this post is about The Boys, but can I say that The Egg Song is just ADORABLE. Who knows what they’re saying… but I’m sold! Seo hates aegyo… but she’s such a natural! And about Mr. Taxi- will always prefer the Japanese version, but a very energetic performance. I’m glad they calmed the erratic filming style down for The Boys… but it’s still there. Don’t these cameramen know? SoShi doesn’t need these fancy camera shots and neverending fast closeups… the choreography is enough. It was really distracting though, seriously.

3. MNET Countdown 10/27/11

WIN!!! It really feels good to see the girls get recognition for all their hard work. Although I hear Mnet results can be manipulated, I don’t know any facts. A win is a win. I am happy regardless. About the intro… umm epic??  Yes. I really appreciated the entrance, it made it much more interesting. It must have been really exciting to watch it live.

4. KBS Music Bank 10/28/11

Another win for the girls! Again… the camera .. come on!! Nauseating!  But the stage looks awesome, I don’t mind the flashiness one bit. Seohyun is looking extremely sexy while giving us just a peek of her perfectly toned tummy.

4. SBS Inkigayo 10/30/11

Let’s get superficial… this girl in RED. It is her color!! This was another win for the girls and taking home the Mutizen meant  a lot to them. Some of the girls look visibly exhausted during the performance, but also more confident in the choreography.

Pic Spam!!!


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Note: S-cap credits were a bit tricky. Some weren’t clear, some I will admit to saving awhile ago and forgetting where they came from. If you see anything here that belongs to you and you’d like either credit or for it to be taken down, please notify me here –


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