What goes on in Seohyun’s Brain?

Our maknae made an appearance on Mnet’s “Wide Open Studio” alongside her unnies Jessica, Hyoyeon and Sunny. During one segment of the show, the girls showed us their “brain maps”, diagrams that showed exactly what goes on in the girls’ brains on any given day. The parts of the brain drawn the largest were what occupied most of their thoughts. Can you guess what Seohyun put on her brain map?

From largest to smallest :
  • useful books for me
  • proper health management
  • SNSD
  • putting in effort even when I’m tired and facing things positively
  • studying languages and school
  • thanks to the people around me
  • thoughts about singing and music
  • ambition towards development
  • difficulties with stress and emotional control
  • regret towards making mistakes

Any self-respecting Seomate would have guessed at least 5 of these correctly. Is anyone really surprised? While some of the items such as books, health, studying and SNSD are pretty obvious, there are still others that we may take for granted. The fact that the girls are always giving us 100% even when they’re feeling down. Seohyun may be stressed and exhausted, yet she’s still thinking about giving it her all and not letting that show during performances. It’s sad that she listed “regret towards making mistakes”, but that’s  human. I hope she doesn’t dwell on small things. It makes me feel better that it’s listed as the last item on the chart.

So what would your brain map look like? I’m guessing Seohyun would be near the top of your list 🙂


  • Picture – YongSeo International
  • Translation – seojoohyun baidu

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