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Love and Girls PV: A SONE Energy Pill

SONEs, we’ve really been blessed lately with all the new goodies. First up was the Beep Beep PV (which we still haven’t gotten a full version of) and now Shojou Jidai is ringing the summer season in with “Love&Girls”. After giving it more than a few days to let it sink in, the verdict on the song/PV would have to be overwhelmingly…. happy. If you enjoy pictures of paper cuts and mummies, I would probably steer clear of this explosion of color and joy.

The premise of the video is simple. Simple is good in this case. The girls emerge from a crowd of hundreds of Japanese girls (some of which were actual SONEs) and begin marching down while performing their easy and eye-catching choreography. The outfits were reminiscent of IGAB, but with a touch of cuteness thrown in the mix. Very bright.

I think I can do that!!

This adorable flash mob led by SNSD eventually becomes a girls dance party, complete with flamboyant costumes and dance battles. The members of SNSD looked like they were having a blast and look happier than I have seen them in a long time. It was great to see them enjoying themselves.

Why wasn’t I invited?!

The PV is non-stop color and cheer. Judging by the video itself, I really have no qualms or complaints. It’s a lively concept and promotes the beauty of sisterhood.ย I wouldn’t go as far to say that this likely male-produced concept is promoting feminism or anything, but it’s a really fun video that female fans can enjoy and die of envy of the fact that they were not on the guest list of (as I certainly am not :3)

Now, wait, I’m not finished yet.

AS FOR THE SONG…… (dun dun dun)

It grew on me. A little. At first I was immediately turned off by the regression to cutesiness and the whistle. GOD THAT WHISTLE. But this song is undoubtedly catchy, and the whistle found a way to earworm itself into my brain and I can’t help but immediately begin to do the shampoo move as I hear it. It’s almost like a Pavlovian response. After the first few listens, I went as far as to say I’d rather have no new material rather than material that is sub-par. (mean, I know) But I now think it’s not all that bad of a song and lots of fans enjoy it, so hey why not? Just because it’s not my cup of tea, doesn’t make it a terrible song. I don’t think this was meant to be a heavily promoted single or anything. So I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the happiness for once. But I’m looking forward to more Paparazzi and Flower Power-esque music from my favoriteย “Japanese” girl groupย ๐Ÿ˜‰

ok. ONE. LAST. THING. Because I am a Seomate.


*ahem* well.

So let me know what you guys thought of the song/video! I’m curious!

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[Announcement] Forever Seomate no longer posting updates

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post to you all today, but it is something I have been thinking for a good while and have had time to think through. I have decided to stop posting news , picture and video updates on Seohyun and the other 8.

When I started this blog about a year and a half ago, not only was it the only English-language blog strictly for Seomates out in cyberspace, but I had intended it to be a place where I can spazz and rant to my heart’s desire. My updates weren’t the most thorough, but there was plenty of spazzing going on for a girl that I felt was overlooked by others in the fandom. I sought not only to express my feelings, but to find a nice community of spazzers.

While I still love this girl dearly and am still a crazy SONE, I’ve found it tedious to post updates. Not only are there other blogs that do a better job of it, it really is too much to take on by myself. I found myself missing important updates and lacking the motivation to post the hundreds of photos that are releasedย of Seohyun and SNSDย on a daily basis. I felt it was better to leave this type of thing to people who enjoy doing it and are much faster than I am.

So what does this all mean? This does not mean I am no longer a Seomate. This does not mean I’m shutting down the blog. I am keeping it open to post the occasional opinion post and as a place to spazz about any new developments or old treasures that I may find. I might keep compiling translations of interviews that come out as well. But, I will not be posting current news and photos on a daily basis. My blog is pretty redundant considering there are more sources out there now for people who need every current news item.

That being said, there may be folks out there either that are following this wordpress or my twitter that do actually get their updates from me. If you’re one of those people, I’d kindly like to direct you to some awesome sources for Seomate news.

  • YongSeo fans: Sweet Potato Days does an awesome job on staying up to date on everything Seohyun does and the girls as a group. And if you’re not a YS fan, but don’t mind seeing CNBlue and couple items in the mix, then I’d still recommend it as a great way to stay updated.
  • Strictly Seomates: My-Seobaby is an Indonesian fanblog for Seomates that popped up a little after I started my own blog. They have been awesome at updating all pictures, video clips and news almost as soon as they are released. When they do post translations, they are not in English, so I’d have to say that’s the only draw back if you’re not Indonesian.
  • Seohyun DC Gallery is a Korean forum for Seohyun and usually has the most current updates. However, the drawbacks would be that you have to know which links to click on so you don’t waste your time going through posts that you won’t understand anyway. With a browser that translates for you, it’s pretty simple. They do, however, get hit with malware quite often. But it is the site that Seohyun herself said she reads through ๐Ÿ™‚
  • And of course, there are plenty of twitter accounts dedicated to Seohyun updates, and threads for her at both Soompi and Soshified that you should definitely check out ๐Ÿ™‚

I will be keeping my archives of course but have not decided whether I will remove the menu items at the top of my blog. I have also not decided whether to keep the twitter account active or not since I will be posting less often.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support and of course SNSD, for being such a famous girl group that they’ve burned me out with all their updates! ๐Ÿ˜› I look forward to posting up more spazzy posts! Thank you.

P.S. Any Hyoyeon fans out there? I also started a blog for her not too long ago, and it is mostly updated by my lovely friend Anye. Our Hyoyeon doesn’t have as many spaces for organized updates, so you may want to follow us if you’re interested ๐Ÿ™‚

[PHOTOS] Seohyun at 2013 Dream Concert by HyunHock

More photos below!

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[PHOTOS] Seohyun at 2013 Dream Concert Performance Pics 130511 by Press

Jukku’s back! Did you miss her? Be amazed as she strikes some sexy poses and slays the stage. Oh and some cute interactions with another girl group! More photos + compilation link below!

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[PHOTOS] Seohyun at 2013 Dream Concert Red Carpet 130511 by Press

More photos + compilation link below!

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[PHOTOS] Seohyun at Snoop Lion Concert 130504 by Press

A very happy Jukku went to see the legendary Snoop perform. Check out her gorgeous smile and skinship with Min of Miss A. Ah… and an unexpected friendship with a boy group member? haha More photos below!

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[INSTAGRAM] Seohyun at Snoop Lion Concert with Min and Wonder Girls 130505

W the ladies @wg_lim @wg_yubin

At snoop lion’s concert with ์„œ๋ˆ•๋…

Source: Min’s Instagram 1/2

[TRANS] Seohyun High Cut Vol 101 Interview by Ch0sshi

I recall Akdong Musicianโ€™s song lyrics, โ€˜itโ€™s not just us two meeting, but my heart is flutteringโ€™. When I look at Sooyoung and Seohyun. We were tight on time for the shoot, so the interview was done in writing. It was better off. Self-interests end here.

HC: What do sweet potatoes mean to Seohyun?
SEOHYUN: Iโ€™m a bit sick of it now, so a food Iโ€™m trying to distance myself from. ใ…‹ใ…‹

HC: What does pianist mean for Seohyun?
SH: I liked playing piano so much since I was little, that itโ€™s a dream that I worked hard preparing for at one point.

HC: What does diplomat mean to Seohyun?
SH: A term that always makes my heart flutter. I want to live a life spreading knowledge of Korea, like a diplomat.

HC: What does โ€˜big player (I guess like spender?)โ€™ mean to Seohyun?
SH: I guess you could say my momโ€™s warm generosity was passed down to me. ใ…‹ใ…‹

HC: What does first love mean to Seohyun?
SH: Something thatโ€™s like a raindrop? Itโ€™s really pretty, but is something that will disappear if you try to mess with it in a haste. Something that everyone is clumsy with.

HC: Who is a junior girl (or boy) group that youโ€™ve been paying close attention to the most lately?
SH: There are a lot of talented juniors these days. Of them, the groups that left the strongest impressions with their performances and concepts on stage are VIXX and BAP.

HC: Spring is passing already, and the summer is nearing. Is there anything you want to do the most this summer?
SH: The time I can spend with friends is minimal, so I want to go on a vacation with close friends and relax. When Iโ€™m with friends, I like sharing an atmosphere different from myself, and values. More than anything, Iโ€™m happy just being with friends who like the person Seo Juhyun.

SM Best 10 in Seohyunโ€™s Opinionโ€”ย Of SM artists, someone I think would have done really well as ___.

  • Politician โ€“ Siwon oppa. Of SM family, he is a politician prospect that comes to mind. Itโ€™s a nickname that stuck because heโ€™s gentle and formal wear suits him well.
  • Cook โ€“ Changmin oppa. His personality is most homely, and I think he likes cooking as well. I saw how he had doenjang jjigae as his profile photo, but I think he made it a lot better than me.
  • Drama Writer โ€“ Sooyoung unnie. She always imagines fun things a lot, and she leads conversations that form a consensus. She reads a lot of books too, so I think she would be really good at it.
  • Race Car Driver โ€“ BoA unnie? She is so charismatic and cool on stage, but normally, sheโ€™s cute. She also does things without doubts, and plays hard.
  • Baseball Pitcher โ€“ Hyoyeon unnie. She said her dad was a catcher. ใ…‹ใ…‹ More than that, she actually has a strong competitive spirit, and is quick/athletic, so I think she would be good.
  • Fashion Designer โ€“ SHINeeโ€™s Key. He normally has a lot of interest in Fashion, and I think heโ€™s really good at expressing himself through clothes. It was really difficult picking out his birthday present.
  • Fund Manager โ€“ Tiffany unnie. Sheโ€™s a real housekeeper. She writes in her account ledger meticulously, calculates things accurately. I need to model myself after her.
  • School Head Instructor โ€“ Yunho oppa. He has leadership. When heโ€™s funny, heโ€™s really runny, but he gives lots of advice or tells juniors good things.
  • National Secret Agent โ€“ SHINeeโ€™s Minho. As a close friend, I discuss worries with him every now and then, but he has a loyal personality, so heโ€™s trustworthy.
  • CNN War Correspondent โ€“ A f(x) member? ใ…‹ใ…‹ They move quickly, have their own principles, and have a bold side.

For full interview with Sooyoung, check out ch0sshi’s tumblr

[SCANS] Seohyun with Sooyoung for High Cut Vol 101 by Jekwon and GNT

This first photo was released by the site officially. Check for scans below ๐Ÿ™‚

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[PHOTOS] Seohyun at Tommy Hilfiger Fansign 130414 by Hyunhock

More photos below

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