[TRANS] Seohyun High Cut Vol 101 Interview by Ch0sshi

I recall Akdong Musician’s song lyrics, ‘it’s not just us two meeting, but my heart is fluttering’. When I look at Sooyoung and Seohyun. We were tight on time for the shoot, so the interview was done in writing. It was better off. Self-interests end here.

HC: What do sweet potatoes mean to Seohyun?
SEOHYUN: I’m a bit sick of it now, so a food I’m trying to distance myself from. ㅋㅋ

HC: What does pianist mean for Seohyun?
SH: I liked playing piano so much since I was little, that it’s a dream that I worked hard preparing for at one point.

HC: What does diplomat mean to Seohyun?
SH: A term that always makes my heart flutter. I want to live a life spreading knowledge of Korea, like a diplomat.

HC: What does ‘big player (I guess like spender?)’ mean to Seohyun?
SH: I guess you could say my mom’s warm generosity was passed down to me. ㅋㅋ

HC: What does first love mean to Seohyun?
SH: Something that’s like a raindrop? It’s really pretty, but is something that will disappear if you try to mess with it in a haste. Something that everyone is clumsy with.

HC: Who is a junior girl (or boy) group that you’ve been paying close attention to the most lately?
SH: There are a lot of talented juniors these days. Of them, the groups that left the strongest impressions with their performances and concepts on stage are VIXX and BAP.

HC: Spring is passing already, and the summer is nearing. Is there anything you want to do the most this summer?
SH: The time I can spend with friends is minimal, so I want to go on a vacation with close friends and relax. When I’m with friends, I like sharing an atmosphere different from myself, and values. More than anything, I’m happy just being with friends who like the person Seo Juhyun.

SM Best 10 in Seohyun’s Opinion— Of SM artists, someone I think would have done really well as ___.

  • Politician – Siwon oppa. Of SM family, he is a politician prospect that comes to mind. It’s a nickname that stuck because he’s gentle and formal wear suits him well.
  • Cook – Changmin oppa. His personality is most homely, and I think he likes cooking as well. I saw how he had doenjang jjigae as his profile photo, but I think he made it a lot better than me.
  • Drama Writer – Sooyoung unnie. She always imagines fun things a lot, and she leads conversations that form a consensus. She reads a lot of books too, so I think she would be really good at it.
  • Race Car Driver – BoA unnie? She is so charismatic and cool on stage, but normally, she’s cute. She also does things without doubts, and plays hard.
  • Baseball Pitcher – Hyoyeon unnie. She said her dad was a catcher. ㅋㅋ More than that, she actually has a strong competitive spirit, and is quick/athletic, so I think she would be good.
  • Fashion Designer – SHINee’s Key. He normally has a lot of interest in Fashion, and I think he’s really good at expressing himself through clothes. It was really difficult picking out his birthday present.
  • Fund Manager – Tiffany unnie. She’s a real housekeeper. She writes in her account ledger meticulously, calculates things accurately. I need to model myself after her.
  • School Head Instructor – Yunho oppa. He has leadership. When he’s funny, he’s really runny, but he gives lots of advice or tells juniors good things.
  • National Secret Agent – SHINee’s Minho. As a close friend, I discuss worries with him every now and then, but he has a loyal personality, so he’s trustworthy.
  • CNN War Correspondent – A f(x) member? ㅋㅋ They move quickly, have their own principles, and have a bold side.

For full interview with Sooyoung, check out ch0sshi’s tumblr


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