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I’m an American SONE who likes all 9 members of SNSD… just love Seohyun a tad bit more. I am currently a University student. I love to dance, read, travel, learn Japanese, watch Asian dramas and spazz about SNSD. Music is my life. I am passionate about anti-racism, LGBT rights and feminism.

I like to listen to a lot of different perspectives and welcome a healthy discussion. Please feel free to comment at anytime, your opinion is welcome! But also be ready to defend it! 🙂

My Other Blog about Japanese language/culture: NihonAmor

Twitter: Fortaleza115
Soshified Username: Goguma-Love
K-Pop Tumblog: Forever Ur The 1

Fan-Made Videos By Me for Seohyun

HyoHyun Couple

My fancam from Soshified NYC Fanmeet

  1. hello author i’m an Indonesian. i’m a seomates too. so thanks for many information about seohyunnie. 😀

  2. Hi thanks for following me. I am a Seomate too! Would love to hear more stories about Seobabe!

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