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[TRANS] Merry Christmas Message from Seohyun


It’s a happy, white Christmas this year~*
Making little snowmen with my unnies~ We also lay in the snow, and ate the falling snow too~ keke
Look forward to the girls’ new appearances through the upcoming comeback~~!
Everyone have a happy Christmas~^^

Seohyun, when you hang around chodings, you become one ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy to see the girls having fun.

Translation by: ch0sshi


Seohyun “Dancing Queen” MV + S-Caps + Gifs

A new old music video has been released as a special Christmas gift to SONEs. Take a blast to the the past and enjoy the girl we used to call “Seobaby”, before she became “Seolady.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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[SCANS] Seohyun and SNSD for Anan Magazine

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Merry Christmas, Seomates: Holiday Playlist

My fellow Seomates, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, enjoy some festive Christmas music by Seohyun featuring SNSD and other artists as well. I started tweeting a few out, but figured it’d be more helpful to link them all in one post. Enjoy!

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[S-CAPS] Seohyun Music Core 121215

The girls are back to Music Core and Seohyun is sporting her adorable new do!

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[PHOTO] Seohyun Updates her UFO Profile Photo! 121712

Seomates! She’s perfection! Heavenly mix of both her youthful charms and her elegance!!! Updo with bangs!!

Does that mean she’s going to start finally answering UFO messages? Please say it’s so!

[SCANS] Seohyun for 2013 SNSD Official Calendar

Scanned by: Deselim

[PHOTOS] Seohyun for TFS – Natural Story 121212

Beautiful for the holidays!

cr: ์†Œ์–ธ @ Seohyun DC Gall

Top 5: Seohyun’s Most Awkward Moments

On this edition of Top 5, I will be counting down Seohyun’s most awkward televised moments. While we know Seobaby can be very playful and talkative behind the scenes, she has been known to get just a bit shyย when put on the spot.ย As fans I thinkย we can admit –variety is just not her forte. However, this trait is something that most fans, myself included, find extra endearing about her personality. Now… on to the akwardness! Get ready to cringe and spazz simultaneously!

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[PHOTOS] MC Seohyun at K-Pop Festival in Vietnam 121129

More photos below. Can you handle this adorable and sexy MC? I bet not.

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