Top 5: Seohyun’s Most Awkward Moments

On this edition of Top 5, I will be counting down Seohyun’s most awkward televised moments. While we know Seobaby can be very playful and talkative behind the scenes, she has been known to get just a bit shy when put on the spot. As fans I think we can admit –variety is just not her forte. However, this trait is something that most fans, myself included, find extra endearing about her personality. Now… on to the akwardness! Get ready to cringe and spazz simultaneously!

5. Banmal Fail

Moment begins at around 50:32

This first moment is taken from SNSD’s appearance on Happy Together in 2010. This moment in particular is an example of how Seohyun’s cute quirks make the mood rather than break it. During the show, there is a segment where the guests and the hosts must speak in banmal (informal speech), and anyone who laughs during the segment gets sprayed with water (luckily for them, they have face shields). Well OF COURSE our perfectly polite and proper maknae is going to have trouble speaking to adults in banmal. Any time Seohyun is asked a question, she responds in a very stiff and archaic sounding banmal. If I understood Korean, this might be more amusing to me, but even as a non-speaker it is evident how her voice completely changes in tone. A one word response from her has the group buckling over in laughter, and everyone gets sprayed minus a very calm and collected maknae. She’s a boss.

4. Did I do that?

This moment from Seohyun and Tiffany’s appearance on JBJ’s Talk Concert is quick and to the point, but it is definitely unforgettable. I admittedly am not too sure about the context since I have yet to watch the entire episode, but this clip spread around fast. The girls are walking through some type of residence and all of a sudden Seohyun spots something shiny that catches her eye. A fish! A ceramic fish! She runs towards it excitedly and picks it up only to…. immediately drop it and watch it shatter all over the floor. She looks up at the camera with the most adorable guilty look anyone could ever have and Tiffany warns her that she’ll have to pay for that with her own money. Poor Seobaby! Not only did she have a totally awkward moment caught on camera, has to pay to replace a ceramic fish, but her fans all laughed hysterically at her misfortune. I know it wasn’t just me.

3. I can’t do aegyo!

This clip comes from Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yoona and Tiffany’s appearance on Strong Heart in February 2010. When it’s Seohyun’s turn to speak, she admits the trouble she has with doing aegyo. And, well she’s on Strong Heart. So of course Kang Ho Dong immediately puts her on the spot and asks her to imitate the aegyo styles of the other 3 SNSD members that are present. She can’t even begin mimicking Tiffany as her bashfulness takes over.  Seohyun struggles to get through all the aegyo and Sooyoung points out that trying and failing at aegyo is her charm. I’d have to agree with that statement. Of course we know there are other members of SNSD that are not fond of aegyo, but they can’t deny they are all pretty good at it. Maknae, on the other hand, is completely overtaken by her embarrassment. It’s really adorable. Don’t miss the fail wink at the end! Best! 🙂

2. Awkward Pillow Fight

Moment begins at around 10:20

This next moment is taken from SNSD’s short-lived variety show, Horror Movie Factory, which aired in 2009. During one of the segments, the girls are asked to act out their anger towards each other using pillows as a way of expressing their emotions. The Dandyu Duo aka Sunny and Taeyeon, have an over-the-top shouting match over who is the tallest and it gets pretty “violent” (haha). To follow it up, Tiffany is chosen to incite anger in the maknae, and she tries her hardest to get her to break. Tiffany throws harsh words and the crowd of spectators is instigating at every turn yet… Seohyun can’t say anything. She even asks if she can continue using respectful language! As much as I wished Seohyun would throw some verbal jabs, it really isn’t in her nature to act this way, especially on camera. She holds it all in. But I’d have to say, she has improved since this aired.

















1. Do you like Sweet Potatoes?

Moment begins at 6:15

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. I chose a moment from Seohyun’s time on We Got Married as the number 1 awkward moment for obvious reasons. We’ve seen Seohyun being awkward while attempting to speak banmal with elders and forced into confrontations. But nothing is more awkward than Seohyun interacting with men and the goguma couple’s episodes are CHOCK FULL of awkward moments. The first episode alone had me cringing for the entire duration and to this day remains my absolute favorite and most-watched. I knew EXACTLY which moment I wanted to put into the countdown.

First some background info for those who haven’t watched the show. At the beginning of the first episode, Seohyun confesses to fellow members Taeyeon and Tiffany that she is going to be on WGM. After a round of teasing, they suggest that she shout out a secret code word during the show so that they will know if she approves of her virtual husband or not. They decide on “sweet potato” (or goguma) as a sign of approval and “hamburger” for dissatisfaction, the sweet potato being her favorite food and hamburger her least favorite. Pretty simple, right? But how to bring it up in a conversation naturally…. hmmm….

Fast forward to the couple’s first “date” in Yonghwa’s practice room. After an awkward pause that comes after some awkward small-talk, Seohyun decides that THIS is the time she’s going to go ahead and shout out her approval for her husband.

Seohyun: Do you like gogumas?

Yonghwa: *laughs* What did you say?

Seohyun: *repeats question*

Yonghwa: Yes. Why?

Seohyun: I really like gogumas. -awkward pause- GOGUMA.

Are your fingers still curled? Mine are. And I’ve watched this hundreds of times. She’s sitting there blurting out the name of a food out of NO WHERE and of course he has no idea what this actually means. It makes me want to hide, but also giggle and spazz and clap. While others disliked the show for the awkwardness, I ADORED IT. And I came to adore her! This sweet potato-loving, book reading, inborn goddess. I think Jung Yonghwa says it best himself. “I think I’m going to love sweet potatoes for the rest of my life.”


And that’s all for this edition of Top 5. Did you agree with my picks? Any moments you thought should have been on this list? What would you like to see for the next Top 5?


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