Top 5: Seohyun Music Video Looks

I’m back with Top 5! The last post counted down my favorite airport looks and was focused on personal style. This time, it’s all about the sexy music video outfits worn by SNSD. Which looks suited Seohyun the best? Read on for my favorites!

5. Retro Trophy Wife – Japanese Gee

In the Japanese version of Gee, this had to be my favorite look for all of the girls, but especially Seohyun. She looks like a 50’s barbie doll or something. I remember this being my second video after having watched Run Devil Run as my first, and she was almost unrecognizable. Here’s a full view of her polka-dot dress from the PV. I love the retro dress, the adorable headband, the accessories and especially her wavy hair. She looks so cute!

4. Leather Jumper – The Boys

“Every look will make it hard to breathe”… SNSD was not lying. I remember when I first spotted this outfit during “The Boys” teaser and I almost had a heart attack. It’s sexy and the leather makes it a little edgy. Perfect. Paired with the low lights in Hyun’s gorgeous hair, it wins out as my favorite look in the video.

3. Olive Hot Pants – Japanese Genie

This is the only outfit on my list that is one of their “uniform” outfits. That is, every girl had on the same thing in the PV. But that doesn’t stop me from putting it onto the list. This outfit was just irresistable. If you haven’t watched the Japanese Dance Version for Genie, please do so (thank me later). All I can say is LEGS!! And her hair is the perfect length, color and style.

2.  Fierce in Black – Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run is really close to my heart. It was my first SNSD video and remains my favorite group concept. When watching this video, I had no preconceptions of the girls or their personalities, and one of the girls who caught my eye immediately was Seohyun. The dress is pretty and the shoes are fab, but what really makes the look for me is hair/makeup. Seohyun just looks so much more fierce with a dark smoky look and her straight hair. I could never tell she was the innocent one in the group. So fierce.

AAAAND Drum Roll Please!!!! #1 is…









1. She Twinkles in Everything – ALL TWINKLE MV OUTFITS

Ok I am not only cheating… but I LIED Y’ALL!!! Yes, there is one look missing from the video. The colorful gowns at the end. I know, I know… they looked spectacular. But I CAN’T get over those shiny, black leggings they have on underneath! RUINS IT. RUINS I tell ya!! Other than that one, I really had a hard time narrowing it down. I was THIS close to choosing the bathrobe outfit, but in the end, they all won out. Seohyun looked spectacular in every look she was given. She went rocker, she went feminine, she went cute, she went glamorous. You can do anything, Seohyun!

So… does anyone agree with the ranking? What were your favorites? Let me know!!

Note: The idea for the Top 5 features were inspired by Soshified’s “The Best of the Best” column. Be sure to check theirs out too! :-)


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  1. i like twinkle style. especially rocker style fits her so much…:)

  2. agree XD omg i love this blog so much why do i find this just now? TTwTT

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