Top 5: Seohyun’s Airport Fashion

Welcome to Top 5, where I rank my top 5 ANYTHING related to Seohyun. For my first post, what better to focus on than on maknae’s sophisticated airport fashion? When this woman walks through that terminal, all eyes are on her. Well… all of OUR eyes are on her 🙂 Bring on Ms. Audrey Hyun!

#5 Cropped Denim Shorts – July 2011

As a result of the sweltering summer days of July, we were treated to Hyun wearing some sexy denim shorts. The look is very casual and weather appropriate, but she still manages to look stunning. The flowy olive top with mesh panels provides enough detail to prevent the outfit from becoming boring. Although the girls of SNSD are frequently seen with clothing from top designers, Seo’s bag is Forever 21! She is also wearing Tom’s shoes on her feet (not pictured), which comes as no suprise, since it would be totally up her alley. I love this look for being comfortable, sexy and stylish all at the same time.

#4 Belted dress – August 2011

This dress is an example of how Seohyun wears simple accessories and makes an outfit her own. The original shirtdress by Alexander Wang is very formless, but the belt transforms the piece by giving Hyun an accentuated waistline. The braided texture on her sandals matches the belt, bringing the look together. The material of the dress itself is silk chiffon… such a cool yet luxurious choice for a hot summer day.

#3 Printed Jumpsuit – September 2011

This look may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it is the epitome of classic sophistication. I believe this was the outfit that sparked the idea for my nickname of “Audrey Hyun”. It looks retro to me, yet certainly retains a modern feel. Again, she uses a belt to her advantage to give some extra form to a garment that is mostly shapeless near the waist. The large leather satchel from Coach adds to the luxurious look. And of course, Hyun’s signature large-framed sunglasses are making their first appearance on the list, which I think look fabulous on her no matter what she pairs them with.

#2 Structured Jacket – February 2012

Number 2 on the list…. the weather’s getting colder but the heat just got turned up! Hyun is totally rocking this equestrian look. The jacket is certainly the focal piece of the outfit for me. I’m loving the overall structure and belted waist. Hyun finishes the look off with sexy suede boots and a large Burberry bag. And we can’t forget the swag glasses. Work it, girl!

AAAAAND… da da ra ra… drum roll please!!

#1 Parisian Layers – February 2012

I know, I know. Controversial first choice. There were a lot of mixed reactions to this look, mostly because of her wavy hairstyle. I happen to adore the look and find it absolutely appropriate for a trip to Paris. I love how she layered all these different classic textures. So while there was a lot going on, it all balanced out. Her long, flowy overcoat was followed by a brown leather jacket. Underneath the jacket, her crisp white shirt is tucked into her plaid trousers. And to top the whole look off… SWAG. Yes, the glasses. Overall, very classy, stylish and VERY Seohyun.

Well Seomates, I hope you enjoyed my fashion evaluation. I am in no way an expert, but I did my best! This post would have not been possible if not for the amazing SONE at Soshi Styling, who are always on top of their game when it comes to spotting SNSD’s outfits & accessories.

So what are your favorite airport styles? Link me to a picture in the comments, I am curious!


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Note: The idea for the Top 5 features were inspired by Soshified’s “The Best of the Best” column. Be sure to check theirs out too! 🙂


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  1. seobaby jjang!!^^

  2. i totally love her parisian layers look and she look sexy and ofc beautiful with the wavy hair…

  3. i think she not Seobaby now. she so sexy and pretty. i love it 🙂


  5. Do you know where to get the olive top she wore in outfit #5? It’s so pretty ❤

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