Top 5: Reasons to be a Seomate (A Belated Birthday Post)


So sue me, Seomates. I missed the chance to post something on Seohyun’s birthday. I was busy making sure things were running smoothly at Seolely Juhyun and spamming twitter, helping to get Seohyun’s hashtags to trend, amongst other important activities. This post came to mind a few weeks before when I realized I hadn’t posted a Top 5 in awhile, or even posted altogether. So we all know why we’re fans of this multi-talented woman. But what about those that are on the fence? Seohyun been wrecking your bias list lately? Here’s why I think you should convert to Seomate-ism as soon as possible.

5. Her airport fashion will inspire you.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of the maknae’s airport style since day one, but along with improvement in all other areas of her life, the fashion upgrade has come at no surprise. Seohyun rocks a classic style and can dress it up or be perfectly casual while still maintaining a fabulous and eye-catching look. She’s been a bit more experimental lately and people are taking notice. This year, she was the first Korean idol to be featured on Fuse’s Glam or Sham, and as the general populace weighed in, it was an overwhelming glam.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want plenty of outfit inspiration from the glam fashionista herself? Airport photos are a lot more enjoyable to keep up with when the subject is always up on her style 😛

4. She loves SNSD just as much as you do (if not more).

The other 8 members of SNSD love to tease this girl and her perpetual maknae status has her doing their bidding every once in awhile, but lord knows this child loves her unnies. She’s always been ready to do their signature greeting “Jigeumeun SNSD!” and makes sure all the girls are gathered on stage during special OT9 moments. She supports the members’ solo efforts and has made special visits to Tiffany at Fashion King, Hyoyeon at Dancing With the Stars, Sooyoung at Cyrano Dating Agency, HyoYul at Dancing 9 as well as plenty of Soshi musicals.

When it comes to supporting her members, she is anything but shy.

Mention @sjhsjh0628 the next time you need to let out all your OT9 feels, I’m sure she’ll be happy to spazz right along with you (in her heart).

3. You’ll get plenty of fanservice.

Are you tired of getting ignored by your favorite celebrity? Well look no further then the land of kpop idols, who will drown you in fake affection. Wait… fake? No, that’s not a part of Seohyun’s vocabulary, sorry to inform you. Of course she’ll give you the standard peace signs, heart signs and love guns, just as any self-respecting idol would (she’s gotten really good at those btw).

But for Seohyun, this isn’t all just for show. She genuinely appreciates her fans, and there are plenty of fan accounts that will back up that statement. Seohyun goes the extra mile by giving her fans exceptional “standard” fan service in person, posting beautiful updates on her SNS accounts and actually stopping to have conversations with fans and inquiring about their well-being. In a group as successful as SNSD, you wouldn’t think they’d have the time or energy. They really don’t. But Seohyun makes the time. Don’t you want a little love and affection from Seobaby?

2. The satisfaction of knowing the person you stan is passionate about everything they do.

Seohyun is becoming well-known these days for putting 100% into everything she does, which includes SNSD performances. Even if it’s a song they’ve performed 1,000 times, Seohyun is there for the audience. And while her primary occupation is to be a singer, she has ventured into other areas lately, including musicals and dramas. Even if she hasn’t perfected her craft, she is committed to learning everything there is to know and putting forth her best effort. Seomates notice and appreciate this about her. Come share these feelings of pride and satisfaction.

1. Contrary to popular belief, there’s never a dull moment.

Seohyun is often pegged as the “boring” one, but as far as Seomates are concerned, we’re never bored. Why? Because she’s always evolving and giving us something new to talk and spazz about. Couldn’t do fan service? She’s now a pro. Couldn’t act “sexy”? See gif above. She’s still an extremely intelligent woman who continues to wow us with her posts and interview answers that are wise beyond her years, but she also surprises us by giving us new sides to her personality. She’s been more playful in public and has been letting her hair down. We’re loving it. Did any of us think she could be half-decent at acting once upon a time? I didn’t. But she sure showed me. She can show you, too.

And that is my contribution to the #HappySeoGoddessDay festivities. A couple of weeks late, but still written with love. Seomates and SONE, tell me why you’re a Seomate. Is it for any of the reasons mentioned above? What did I miss? I’ll be checking the comments 🙂









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