Top 5: Seohyun’s Best Cover Songs

Here’s another Top 5! For this one, I decided to count down my favorite covers sung by Seohyun. Since many of the covers sung by SNSD members are English songs, this list ended up being entirely in my native language. Not like it matters to this Korean girl, her accent is near perfect! Read on to see if you agree with my faves ๐Ÿ™‚

5. Britney Spears – Sometimes (2013 Version)

I’m going to admit something right off the bat. If I hadn’t grown up listening to this Britney classic, it may have not made it onto the list. We were treated to a small excerpt of this 90’s pop favorite from SNSD’s 2013 appearance on Beatles Code. Yes, her voice sounds lovely, but let’s just say I wasn’t… super impressed? I partly chose this cover because of the nostalgia factor for myself, and what it meant for Seohyun as well. Not only did she perform this same song with Tiffany back during Soshi’s debut era, but she said it took her back to a more innocent time, and revealed that she was first asked out as a teenager about 6 years ago.

Itโ€™s not exactly this feeling that he was my โ€˜first loveโ€™ but this song reminds me of someone who made my heart beat faster…. I was asked out for the first time back when I was a teenager. This reminds of me him. I liked him, but when he came close I was kind of afraid and feared that he might leave me.

l had NOT been expecting that sort of confession from the girl who was known for not being interested in boys back then. It was very interesting to learn the deeper meaning this song had for her.

4. Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me

Seohyun sang this lovely rendition of Celine Dion’s hit on a live radio program along with her fellow member, Taeyeon. Both of their voices really suit this song quite beautifully, in my opinion. Well, I’m not the only one. My boss is a casual fan of Soshi’s, and while he’s definitely not as devoted to the girls as I am, he liked this version enough to put it on his iPod! I haven’t even gotten around to that yet!! (bad Seomate, yes.) I feel like this was one of the first times Seohyun was able to show off her improved vocal skills, and that improvement was even more apparent when hearing her voice in a duet with the member I believe is SNSD’s best vocalist. I was saddened a bit by the fact that they didn’t really harmonize with each other and relied on the vocal track, but nevertheless, I am in love with this SeoTae duet.

3. Kelly Clarkson – Stuff Like That There

Ah… I reminisce on the days when I was first becoming a SONE and only a low quality audio clip of this wonderful solo performance was released. I would play the audio on loop for hours at a time. It was mesmerizing. And when the fancams came out? Audrey Hyun nearly made me lose it! Sure it looks like a cute little tap dance number, but for me it was PURE SEDUCTION. Her live vocals, the sophisticated outfit, THE LYRICS! Kinda risquรฉ lyrics, don’t you agree? Well, depending on what you think the phrase “stuff like that there” alludes to…. ๐Ÿ˜› (bad Seomate again) Ok rated G, TRYING TO KEEP IT RATED G!! Seriously though, this woman is the epitome of elegance, and this performance is all about class ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Taylor Swift – Speak Now (Romantic Fantasy Version)

Anyone who reads this blog regularly KNEW this was coming. Come on now, I dedicated an ENTIRE POST to spazzing over this glory from SNSD’s Romantic Fantasy comeback special earlier this year. Her vocals were on point, she looked like a goddess and her guitar playing was impressive for a complete newbie. But what made this performance special to me was her complete transformation, and I’m not referring to her mature, lady-like appearance. Her demeanor, her stage presence, her energy, her….JUKKU-NESS! Seohyun was genuinely enjoying herself and she was smiling the entire time. You could not feel sad while watching that performance. You just couldn’t! It was flawless, dammit! Well… not as flawless as my number 1 pick… but pretty damn close. Oh and that English…. her pronunciation is close to being perfect! Such an improvement since the SeoTae duet.

And now for my favorite Seobb cover song!!! You didn’t peek, did you? Can you guess what it is?














1. Pixie Lott – Jack

As much as I love me some playful maknae, there’s nothing like an emotional one. This is my absolute fave, hands down. I had no trouble instantly making this my number 1, it was the rest I had trouble ranking. It was short! Much too short! Seohyun sung this for TaeTiSeo’s 2012 appearance on KBS Sketchbook and it was my favorite out of the 3 cover songs performed. Honestly, I don’t think it’s my biasness talking because I can easily admit when I prefer one of the other girls’ performances. For example, “Don’t Speak” did not make it as my fave solo done for the Romantic Fantasy special. I really like this song and I think it was the perfect choice. Do I think Pixie, the original singer and songwriter, sings it better? I do, actually. But I feel like Seohyun put her own spin and flavor into this cover, which is what a good cover should aim to do. Hopefully you’re not TOO distracted by that little glittery heart Seohyun intentionally placed on a random spot on her face. Look into her eyes. Feel the soul!

Well that’s all for this edition of Top 5! Did you agree with the ranking or would you have ranked them differently? Did I leave out one of your absolute faves? Scold me for it in the comments! I want to know which covers my fellow SONEs and Seomates love! Until next time! โ™ฅ


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