GG Channel coming soon! Operation “KILL ALL INSECTS” in progress…

seohyun hates bugs

*TVXQ VOICE* “It’s time.” Onstyle’s latest reality show featuring all 8 of the girls is airing next Tuesday! Promotions for the show are in full swing and 2 previews were recently released!

First a preview with all of the members:

And how adorable is this duo?

sooseo onstyle preview

And a special surprise for us Seomates! Brace yourself for this extremely adorable solo preview! But only if you’re able to listen with full volume and ONLY if you have about an hour to spare for many replays and cuteness recovery time.

For those of you unable to make the time commitment, a little recap?

Seo: yup so just trying to answer this question seriously and…

Insect: *squish squish*

Seo: wow what is THAAAAAAAAAAAAT *death scream* *shakes can (aka murder weapon)* *gives up and runs away*

Insect: *squish squish*

And yes there’s my favorite Seohyun moment of this comeback so far. Oh who am I kidding when there’s the Check performance. But still… it has me itching for more candid moments like this one. Apparently the concept of the show is to give each of the girls individual screen time to do their own thing. What will Seohyun have in store for us? Something surprising I bet. Never fails to give us a fresh new side of herself lately, isn’t that right?

Aside from official preview videos, the PD also released a sweet letter he/she received from Seohyun after filming wrapped for The TTS.

seohyun letter to onstyle pd

Caption@hustlepd2: Showing off the letter of the very innocent Seohyun from 1 year ago. We really met again! #GirlsGeneration#OnStyle

Letter Trans:TO. Kim JiWook CP-nim ☺❤
Hello~CP-nim!! I’m Seohyun~ Hehe
Today is already the last filming.. It’s such a pity TT TT For always creating a fun and comfortable mood, thanks to you, I think we enjoyed the shoot a lot~! It was the only broadcast I’ve been waiting to film!! Haha (Secret!!) Really, thank you for always being kind-hearted to us who are always very talkative and fastidious~❤ Totally full of sense + coolness, JiWook CP-nim~ See you again next time on another broadcast~! Hehe thank you very much for all this time❤
—(TaeTiSeo Leader) Seohyun—”

She considers herself the leader :’) Fitting. As her personality has become a lot brighter and outgoing, she remains considerate and thoughtful as always.

Girls Generation Channel premieres on Tuesday, July 21st at 9:00 PM KST!

As a side note… this blog has been long neglected but I’ve made a pact with myself to update at least once a week! The comeback is in full swing so there certainly isn’t a shortage of material to spazz about!



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  1. Thank you for the update
    I love getting a little tweet update regarding Seohyun.

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