June28thSeo Birthday Q&A Compilation Part I

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If you’re a Seomate on twitter, you’re likely acquainted with a lovely birthday project fansite by the name of June28thSeo. They’re well-known for including Seohyun’s international fans in their celebrations. Every year I anticipate what thoughtful project they will come up with and this year was no different. For their 2015 project, they were able to reach out to Seohyun herself and quizzed the fans before revealing answers to some fun and interesting questions and I’ve compiled them here! She was also prompted to write some answers in the form of letters and I will be posting those separately soon. Enjoy!

Note: The questions were translated by the fansite themselves, while translations for any answers with extra comments by Seohyun were provided by Seogeneration 🙂

Part I – Everyday Life/Trivia

Q1) What is the first thing Seohyun does in the morning?

  1. Stretch out all her limbs and joints to loosen up muscles that are stiff from sleep
  2. Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach – better than medicine!
  3. Check her cellphone to see if anything happened while she was asleep.
  4. Stay in bed and mentally plan ahead for the day to come.
  5. Just lie in bed, blinding at the ceiling dazedly, until she wakes up fully.
  6. None of the above.

A1) Number 2 (Drink glass of water)

Q2) What does Seohyun do right before going on stage?

  1. Double-check the lyrics to make sure she doesn’t make any mistakes.
  2. Visualize her dancing and blocking (where she should be on stage).
  3. She doesn’t think about anything. Because she doesn’t think about anything.
  4. Hydrate and warm up for singing.
  5. Shout “hwaiting!”
  6. None of the above.

A2) Number 4 (Drink a glass of water) & Number 5 (Shout Hwaiting)

Q3) What is the biggest reason Seohyun posts on Instagram (and other SNS accounts)?

  1. She has news for the fans.
  2. She just took a great selca and wants to share.
  3. She’s bored.
  4. She wants to know if everyone’s doing all right. Letting people know she’s still alive / knowing other people are still alive.
  5. No reason. She’ll post if she feels like it.
  6. None of the above.

A3) Number 4 (wants to know if everyone’s alright etc)

Q4) Of the following, how does Seohyun like to “have a good jam!”? [4everseomate: slogan for Ace bed CF, basically “have a good night’s sleep”]

  1. Lying on her back, arms at her sides, looking straight up at the ceiling.
  2. Lying on her back, but with her arms crossed and covers pulled all the way up to her chin.
  3. Lying on her side, with one hand/arm under the pillow.
  4. Lying on her side and curled up like a shrimp.
  5. Lying on her back spread-eagle.
  6. Lying on her stomach.
  7. None of the above.

A4) Number 7 (none of the above)

Q5) Of the following words, how many words does Seohyun not know? [4everseomate: june28thseo listed 24 korean words/phrases]

  1. Under 5 (she knows most of them)
  2. 5-9
  3. 10-14
  4. 15-19
  5. She doesn’t know any of them.

A5) Answer 2 (5-9)

Part II – Personal Taste

Q6) Of the following, what is the hardest to endure and/or the most uncomfortable for Seohyun?

  1. Not having anything to do because things are not going to schedule.
  2. Being late for a meeting or appointment.
  3. Having to wait for something indefinitely, with no end in sight.
  4. Having to miss meals.
  5. Being unable to sleep for more than 24 hours.
  6. Being unable to keep a promise ( either to herself or to others).
  7. None of the above.

A6) Number 6 (unable to keep a promise)

Q7) When does Seohyun think, “Even I think I am (or I look) pretty awesome”?

  1. When she’s out of breath right after finishing a performance.
  2. When she rolls her sleeves up.
  3. Shen she flips / runs a hand through her hair.
  4. When she shoots hearts at people with confidence.
  5. When she walks through an airport like it’s a runway.
  6. Always.
  7. None of the above.

A7) Number 6. Additional Comment: “Confidence!”

Q8) What is Seohyun proudest of having achieved since she debuted?

  1. Being able to make hearts by herself (without her unnies)
  2. Being able to wink at will with either eye
  3. Being able to talk with fans naturally
  4. Being able to wear daring outfits that she was uncomfortable with in the past
  5. Being able to take on the ending comments in SNSD/TTS interviews
  6. Being able to do “pretty” things on stage
  7. Being able to take “You look so sexy!” as a compliment
  8. None of the above

A8) All of the above. Additional comment: “I’m not whom I used to know♫”

Q9) Of the following, what is Seohyun’s favorite CF catch phrase?

  1. #Buon Gelatto #Cutest
  2. Hurry, they’re coming back!
  3. We want Goobne, it tastes so light
  4. A bed is not furniture ~♫
  5. Kafir? KAFIR?
  6. None of the above

A9) Number 6 (none of the above). Additional comment: “Banana! Milk! Give it to me!” It was very fun shooting the commercial!

Q10) Which photo posted to an SNS Account does Seohyun like the best, so she’s glad she shared it?

  1. First photo uploaded to @sjhsjh0628
  2. First photo uploaded to Instagram
  3. Happy Halloween! Vampire Seohyun!!
  4. Seohyun’s ♥ to comfort everyone after the Mr. Mr. music video was partially lost.
  5. Short hair Seohyun! Babyface! (Not pajamas!!)
  6. Seocarlett, photo by Seohyun
  7. Can I take a picture of this? Photoshoot Seohyun, through a monitor!
  8. Baby Seo Juhyun, looking like a boss since the 90s.

question 10

A10) Answer 10 (childhood photo). Additional comment: “A side of Seojuhyun that SONEs never see before!”

Q11) What is Seohyun’s LEAST favorite SNSD title song (purely by personal taste)? Pick four.

  1. Into the New World
  2. SNSD
  3. Baby Baby
  4. Gee
  5. Genie
  6. Oh
  7. Run Devil Run
  8. Hoot
  9. The Boys
  10. I Got a Boy
  11. Mr. Mr.
  12. Twinkle
  13. Holler
  14. None of the above

A11) Gee, Oh, IGAB and Mr. Mr. Additional Comment: “Aigoo… so many… kk.”

Q12) Of the following, what is Seohyun’s favorite outfit?

  1. I Got a Boy jacket
  2. 2011 MAMA Red Carpet
  3. Louis Quatorze banded dress
  4. W Korea Alaia dress
  5. Seocarlett, delicate but full of charm
  6. Juhyun’s teokbokki coat!

question 12

A12) Number 5 (Seocarlett) Additional Comment: “I’m Seocarlett!! kk”

Q13) What is Seohyun’s favorite non-title SNSD song?

  1. Honey
  2. Complete
  3. Dear Mom
  4. Star Star Star
  5. Forever
  6. My Best Friend
  7. Way to Go!
  8. It’s Fantastic
  9. Vitamin
  10. Express 999
  11. Goodbye
  12. Wait a Minute
  13. Whisper
  14. Only U
  15. Born to be a Lady
  16. Not Alone
  17. Motorcycle
  18. Flyers
  19. Karma Butterfly
  20. Time Machine
  21. The Great Escape
  22. Beep Beep
  23. None of the Above

A13) My Best Friend and Forever

Part III – In the Fans’ Shoes

Q14) If Seohyun were an SNSD fan for a day, what would she want to try doing the most?

  1. Line up in front of a TV station at the crack of dawn to go to the first comeback stage.
  2. Participate in a ticketing battle (and get years shaven off her life).
  3. Buy as many CDs as she can, promise to be a better person to God, and wait to get picked for a CD signing event.
  4. Wire money to Um XX’s account at 9:00AM in the fan meeting “wirelympics.”
  5. Sit on the third floor with a pink lightsaber, waiting hours and hours for SNSD’s ending stage at a KPOP concert.
  6. None of the above

A14) None of the above. Additional Comment: “I’ll scream and root for SNSD on stage!! With pink saber!! SONE is the best and most reliable like this.”

Q15) What would make Seohyun happiest as a SONE?

  1. The 2010 Golden Disk Awards
  2. When the fans “forced” SNSD to be on Music Bank in the 5th week of promotions.
  3. David Letterman performance
  4. When the fans called SNSD back to the stage for a “re-encore” at the end of a concert
  5. When a new comeback teaser is out
  6. When you make SNSD cry because of a concert event

A15) Number 1 (Golden Disk). Additional Comment: “Only possible with SONE around.”

Q16) What would torment Seohyun, a member of the official SONE fanclub, the most? (Choose three.)

  1. When “This seat has already been taken” pops up during ticketing.
  2. When a notice on the official site makes no sense and none of the other fans know what it means either.
  3. When a typhoon knocks down power and internet on a wirelympics morning.
  4. When music video data is lost.
  5. When comeback is pushed back even though the teaser is already out.
  6. When some assembly is required for an album.
  7. When an album doesn’t have a magnet.
  8. When a fanmeeting is supposed to start at 8PM starts at 11PM.
  9. When trapped in Yeoyuido MBC for 21 hours and counting.

A16) Number 4 (MV data loss), Number 5 (comeback pushed back) and Number 9 (trapped in Yeoyuido MBC). Additional comment: “I feel devastated just by thinking about it… it’s so difficult to choose…” [4everseomate: She’s just as bitter about the Mr.Mr. promos as we are!]

Q17) Why would Seohyun be an SNSD fan?

  1. Unbelievable synchronization and dancing
  2. Beautiful faces
  3. Beautiful bodies
  4. Amazing singing
  5. Beagles (loud, lively, mischievous)
  6. None of the above

A17) All of the above. Additional comment: “Many faces of charm? Definitely have more than one or two reasons right? kk.”

Q18) When does Seohyun think of the fans the most? (Choose two).

  1. When preparing a new song (recording, dance practice, etc.)
  2. When she has the day off and is resting.
  3. Before going to sleep.
  4. n the car, on the way to an SNSD event.
  5. Inside the waiting room before going on stage.
  6. When watching a TV show that she is in.
  7. None of the above.

A18) Number 1 (preparing new song) and Number 7 (none of the above). Additional comment: “When receiving an award! I’m very grateful to SONE!”

Part IV – What If

Q19) If Seohyun could become a dog, which one would she choose to be and why?

  1. Tofu
  2. Ginger
  3. Prince
  4. Hani
  5. Soori, Mori, Cherri
  6. Vivian, Barbara

A19) Number 1 (Tofu/Dubu). Additional Comment: “I want to know how Dubu feels and thinks…  sometimes she sings and I’m curious as to why she sang.”

Q20) What would Seohyun choose to do in the following situation: Seohyun is supposed to meet someone at noon. She just woke up and checked her phone blearily: it is 11:30. It will take her at least 20 minutes to get to where she has to be.

  1. As soon as she realizes the time, call the person and tell them she’ll be late, apologize, and rush to get ready as fast as she can.
  2. Call and postpone/reschedule since it looks like she won’t make it on time.
  3. Get ready within 10 minutes (skimp on looking presentable).
  4. Just be late. They can wait.
  5. Call to explain the situation and change the meeting place to somewhere closer to home.
  6. Get ready first and call to say she’ll be late on the way there.
  7. None of the above

A20) Number 1 (call, apologize and rush to get ready)

Q21) If not an idol, what would Seo Juhyun (23 years old, non-celebrity) be now?

  1. Unemployed and writing yet another personal statement for job applications.
  2. Going to the library to study for national exams (law, medicine, government, etc).
  3. A grad student, scurrying around at some professor’s beck and call.
  4. A new employee who works late five days a week.
  5. A student studying abroad, scraping by on meager allowance from her parents.
  6. None of the above

A21) Number 3 (grad student)

Q22) Someone just said hello as if they know Seohyun well. They look somewhat familiar, but Seohyun can’t place them. What would Seohyun do?

  1. Pretend to recognize them and start a conversation, fishing for hints as to how she knows them.
  2. Take some time to think hard about why they seem familiar.
  3. Say hi briefly but look for a way to make a quick exit.
  4. Tell them she doesn’t remember them and ask where they met.
  5. Lie and pretend to recognize them until the end.

A22) Number 1 (Pretend to recognize) Additional Comment: “This has happened more than a few times… kk…”

Q23) When Seohyun left the table briefly, others already ordered for her, but Seohyun doesn’t like what they ordered. What would Seohyun do?

  1. Order something else for herself.
  2. Tell the others that she doesn’t like the menu, cancel it, and reorder what she wants.
  3. Wait to see if there’s something she can eat regardless.
  4. Let the others know that she wishes they had waited for her opinion.
  5. She eats everything, so it doesn’t matter.

Q23) Number 1 (order for herself)

Q24) If Seohyun had to live as one of her character, who would she choose?

  1. Huh Yeonwoo: Chosen as a princess, but almost dies, loses her memory, has to live as a shamaness, and almost dies again before the prince recognizes her and she becomes the queen.
  2. Scarlett: Born to a rich Southern family but rejected by her childhood love, lives through a war, watches two husbands and her daughter die, and then loses her third husband when he leaves her.
  3. Han Yoorim: Smart and beautiful eldest daughter of a ranching family. Always listened to her parents and did well in school, fell in love with a high school kid and went through a lot of trouble because of it, was just about to sort things out and be happy, but then died tragically in a car accident.
  4. Edith: A bright and lively middle child who lives in an orphanage with her older sister and younger sister; finds a family in her new ex-supervillain stepfather, but who knows if she’ll even be in the next movie since she keeps getting fewer and fewer lines…

A24) Number 2 (Scarlett)

Q25) What kind of role would Seohyun like to try next in acting?

  1. A “Candy” style heroine: poor but always kind and happy
  2. Superstar dance idol/singer (hey, no background research needed)
  3. A Kaiser Soze type psychopath who fools everyone while meticulously planning crimes
  4. An heiress born to a ridiculously rich family, cold and proud
  5. Tragic heroine who is terminally ill
  6. A “normal” 20-something career woman (normal except she’s beautiful)
  7. High school girl (she can still pull off the uniform!)
  8. None of the above

A25) Number 8 (none of the above) Additional comment: “I have not portrayed a lot of characters. I would like to try them all! kk!”

Wow! Thanks to June28thSeo we learned a lot about our Hyun this year! Did any of her answers surprise you? Don’t forget to follow them on twitter!

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