Introducing: SeoChinSo!!

[From. SEOHYUN]: SeoChinSo!!

Introducing Seohyun’s friends!!
My loyal ‘91 line friends
who came to see the concert despite being busy (Nicole, Kibum, Howon, Sungyeol) and
cute younger brother Sungjong~!
And, they aren’t in the photo, but Minyoung, Minho!
And even Ock Juhyun unnie, who Seohyun likes the most!!
Seriously, thank you all~^^
I think I’m a happy person who has lots of good luck when it comes to friends~!ㅎ
Once again, thank you to everyone who came and supported us~ I love you~ I’ll only give you happiness♥

Well hasn’t Seohyun blossomed into a little social butterfly? We have the regulars getting mentioned, her beloved Min from Miss A and Kara’s Nicole. Key is making a surprise appearance, but aside from being her labelmate, we know he is a same-aged friend regardless of their past awkwardness. Minho’s become a regular in the friend circle since it was mentioned that they are able to confide in each other. Ms. Ock Juhyun “who Seohyun likes the most!!” was mentioned as well. (Nope. Not jealous of her. NOT. ONE. BIT.) But I was surprised to see members of Infinite appear in Seohyun’s social circle yet again. I was aware that Sungjong was a hoobae of Seohyun’s, but wasn’t sure if they still reached out to one another. And Hoya….. Hoya, Hoya Hoya. I’m just biased 😛

Our socialite is making her rounds! Hard to keep track!! 🙂

Translation by: ch0sshi

News Source: Soshified


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