[SONE PLUS] Seohyun Photo Update 130330

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+~~ It’s the maknae Seohyun ^^

Our second Japan Tour that started on February 9th already finished 14 concerts!!

I’m sad… (>_<) Time really passed by quickly~.

However, thanks to everyone I’m really having fun~!

Please look forward to the remaining concerts

  • translation: redsunset@soshified.com
  • source: SONE PLUS+ official Japan mobile fansite

About L

Interested in Japanese language and culture, J-Pop, K-Pop and Asian Dramas.

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  1. Cute picture. Yes, your right Seohyun the time past quickly. And I’m sure that very second for your life will fullfill with love not only with your family and SNSD members but also us who keeps believing and trusting you by your talent and goodness as well. Be down to earth and patient. Don’t mind your anti’s, just do your best to gain your respect. Good day, Seohyun. Sarangheyo unnie ~<3~ ^^..

  2. yeah …
    but ..
    I had never met before seohyun .. u,u

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