[TRANS] Ceci Magazine March 2013 Issue – Seohyun Interview by Ch0sshi

CECI: ‘I got a boy’ promotions ended just after a month. How would you critique yourself?
It was the most fun promotion cycle thus far! I think it was a stage where we could enjoy it freely and express ourselves. We would look at each others’ eyes and change our gestures, the lyrics were really fun…. I think we became mischievous after taking off our heels.

CECI: Starting with the first concert last weekend, you will be continuing on a Japan tour for two months in seven cities.
We had a fruitful start to the new year with a Korea comeback in January, and Japan tour in February. Because I always get a generous amount of energy at concerts, I’m looking forward to it even more. (CECI: Fans in Korea must feel sad.) While official plans have not been made, I think we will be able to meet with Korean fans in concert, too!

CECI: Acting, performing on stage, variety shows… what is your next step?
I want to try everything. Because life is still long. (laughs) I get dreams when I see my unnies’ attempts. If I can reach a good opportunity, I want to try acting or be in a musical.

CECI: The Seohyun promoting as TTS felt more powerful than the Seohyun in Girls’ Generation.
Because it was Girls’ Generation’s first unit promotions, it was really burdensome, but it was really fun! The more I got on stage, the greedier I got. What’s amazing is, I missed a stage with 9 members while promoting as 3, but once we started promoting as 9, I also missed promoting as 3 members. You can’t follow the energy from performances with 9 members, and there is this carefree fun as 3 members.

CECI: Was your role of Girls’ Generation’s ‘proper maknae’ a bit different between the two unnies of TTS?
No, it’s the same. I’m always the maknae. The nagging maknae.

CECI: Not too long ago, you were exposed on a show that you’re a ‘maknae that drives your unnies crazy’.
We did that to be funny. Like how we always talk. (CECI: Do you ‘diss’ each other like that?) Of course! It’s usually worse. (laughs)

CECI: Oh yeah, I want to hear a firsthand explanation about the ‘Girls’ Generation get-together photo’ that was recently revealed. (this photo: http://bit.ly/156gY1a)
It’s a photo taken on Yuri unnie’s birthday at our dorm in Japan. We had a birthday party/get-together, but I was a little embarrassed because I have a facial pack on in the photo. Because in Japan we all live together in one house and don’t have individual activities, I think we get even closer. We always start by saying we’re going to talk for five minutes, but end up talking for five hours.

CECI: In your last interview with CECI, you said you wanted to experience a lot of new things in the future, but are you fulfilling it?
I haven’t been able to do anything because I’ve been so busy, but life has just become so enjoyable. For some reason, I keep getting more playful, and my jokes to my unnies have increased. Once, when I would get stressed from work, I would have thought of wanting to rest and be free, but I’ve grasped methods of feeling enjoyment while working these days. In the past, I felt enjoyment through efforts, but now it’s natural. I suddenly get surprised on my own thinking, ‘Oh, I find these things fun?’ My unnies tell me that they think I’ve changed often.

CECI: You’re 23 years old. Do you feel like a real member of society now?
After debuting, I passed each year with the feeling of ‘I’m looking forward to next year even more’. I had no sense of time. Even when going to music programs, there were about 14~15 sunbaes (seniors), but during this promotion cycle, there were only about 4~5. I get surprised at moments like this.

CECI: Now, Girls’ Generation is one of those ‘14~15 [seniors]’ to your juniors.
Yeah. We are like the senior citizens amongst them, too…. (laughs)

CECI: Is there anything you want to never want to lose as, not Seohyun, but Seo Juhyun?
I want to carry on the stubbornness that Seo Juhyun drives at. Oh, and many people think I’m too much like a textbook, but I’m not. There are very carefree sides to me, too. Those are the slightly different sides of Seohyun and Seo Juhyun. I wish Seohyun would turn into Seo Juhyun a bit more. I think that’s what’s happening [now].

CECI: It’s March. What do you want to do when spring comes?
Drive. The drivers license I got at 21 is becoming one that’s been put away in a chest. (CECI: It looks like you’ll need an open car?) Yeah. A truck is okay, too!


Behind the Scenes

Sooyoung and Seohyun came out from the fitting room, hair flowing, and stand in front of the camera. Regardless of the gender or age, all the people in the studio let out deep yet short, ‘Wow!’. The two pose. The staff who were watching the monitor repeatedly said, “That’s good,” “You’re pretty,” unconsciously. If you’re curious about the set of the shoot for the March cover and cover story, you can just imagine that the scenes above replayed about 12 times from 10am to 3:30pm. Whether they’re skirts or pants, whenever the girls appeared wearing a new outfit, unnie and uncle smiles spread on everyone’s faces. Then again, even if you rub your eyes and look again, unrealistically perfect body lines were in front of you. And two people at that! Today’s Sooyoung and Seohyun were simply ‘perfect’ models. On the day of the shoot, we waited a long time in order to interview the girls when the camera flash wasn’t bursting. It was after they stayed up all night, so it was a difficult time. However, thinking about it now, that time doesn’t really feel wasted. Seohyun, who would not stop smiling, saying each day is so fun lately, and Sooyoung, who focused on each and every question and slowly told her story. It’s because, even with not-so-long conversations, we were able to confirm that they are now both ‘charming’ adults who know how to look into their own changes. It’s a fact we did not know before meeting them.

Click here for Sooyoung’s translation


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