[TRANS] Seohyun’s Japan Tour Official Photobook Q&A

Q1: You’re getting to do a 2nd tour in Japan, how do you feel?
Through the preparation process and end of the first tour, I learned many things and grew up making fun memories, so I’m really looking forward to this tour as well. In particular, the songs on this album are so good, I want hurry and let people listen to it, so my heart is beating and fluttering.

Q2: Tell us about something to look for in this tour.
Upgraded music and performances from Girls’ Generation. There is a limit to what I can express in words. I hope people will come to the concert themselves and experience it.

Q3: The 1st Japan Tour ended successfully last year. How did it feel ending a tour?
After completing the long tour, I gained the composure to enjoy the stage, and I think all 9 members grew from it. I feel overwhelmed and happy because we could become even more united.

Q4: During the tour, was there anything you were concerned with, or were there any changes in your usual way of living?
More than anything, gathering all 9 members’ energy and having fun is important during a tour. Anyway, I pay attention to my throat [condition] a lot, so I drink twice as much water than I normally do, and I loosen up my muscles by stretching or keeping the lower half of my body in water.

Q5: The 2nd album is an airline concept. Which country do you want to go to the most right now?
Hawaii. I want to receive the warm sunlight and rest until my heart’s content. Because it’s winter in Korea, I miss the warm climate.

Q6: You’re wearing a flight attendant uniform in the tour pamphlet. If you weren’t in Girls’ Generation, what kind of work do you think you’d be doing?
I think I would either be a pianist or be working in the music industry.

Q7: You have to travel on airplanes a lot. What do you usually do while going around?
I write my schedule in my notebook, create plans, replenish any sleep I missed, or read.

Q8: How did you feel when your first album sold over 1 million copies?
I’m really happy! But, on the other hand, the anticipation for future albums are probably greater. However, thanks to that, I think we were able to create a greater album this time around!

Q9: 5 years have passed since your 2007 debut. Is there something you think has changed since then?
My values have changed a little, and, more than anything, as time goes by, I think my fervor for for music is become greater.

Q10: Say a few words to Japanese fans who are waiting for the tour.
You waited a long time, right~? In order to show you better music and performances, we are doing a second tour like this. Looking back at all the great memories from last year’s tour, my mouth is smiling, making me laugh~ Let’s make even greater memories through this tour together (*^_^*)

Translated by: ch0sshi

Original Source: http://heyuri.com/499


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