[NEWS] Jukku?

Not Seohyun. Not Ju Hyun. Not even Seobaby. The name is Jukku.

She is crazy, sexy and cool. She can be cute, seductive, or both at once. Don’t let her fool you with her pure appearance. Jukku is all about taking care of business.

Seriously, for those who have no idea who I am referring to, here’s a fan account from today’s fansign.

@_taedork: 130124 Seohyun heard of her nickname “Jukku” and she said it’s cute.

HOLD THE PRESSES. Just stop calling her Seohyun. The name no longer suits her. Jukku Shi Dae. Jukku all the way. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Isn’t it adorable? 😀 Sorry if I fooled you with the “news” tag, although to any Seomate that I know, this is totally news-worthy hehe

What do you think of the new nickname?


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Interested in Japanese language and culture, J-Pop, K-Pop and Asian Dramas.

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  1. What does Jukku mean? keke Thanks 🙂

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