[INTERVIEW] G-STAR RAW Website Interview: Seohyun

1. What kind of image do have of G-STAR RAW? I want to try wearing a non-skinny silhouette style jean next time!
2. What do you think of Japanese female fashion? I think it’s great that they’re able to clearly express their individuality, their confident fashion is very fresh, and overflowing with energy.
3. What part of yourself do you think is your “strength?” Also, what part do you think is SNSD’s “strength?” When I can inspire myself by myself.  Everyday I feel that everything can change depending on my own feelings and I learn from that.  No matter what hardship, there has to be a part that I can learn from, so I think my strengths are looking on the good side and boldly taking action.
SNSD’s strength is that all 9 of us love each other deeply and we feel the same passion towards our work.
Actually, since we have lived with each other for over 10 years like a family, we depend on each other.  Also, no matter what we always happily cheer up and because we can be natural around each other, even during hard times we always don’t naturally give up and I think that becomes the driving force to do our best.
4. Please leave a message for your Japanese fans. To the fans who always cheer us on!  We will try hard to respond to everyone with even more good music!  I’m really impressed and happy that there are Japanese fans who imitate our outfits.  Please look forward to our new appearance this time with G-Star!  Please love SNSD a lot from now on ^^

Translation Credits: redsunset, arghninja & seraphk @ Soshified

Check out the rest of the girls’ interview questions on SSF HERE!


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