[TRANSLATION] Seohyun Mentioned on Sukira by Miss A’s Min (cr: Ch0sshi)

The members of JYP girl group, Miss A, were guests on today’s Sukira. They are currently promoting their newest single, “I Don’t Need a Man”, and Ryeowook mentioned Min’s good friend, Seohyun.

Ryeowook: Minyoung is getting some strength from Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun today. She called me
Min: Seohyun called you?
Ryeowook: She said, “Please take care of Minyoung.”
Sungmin: “Ask her a lot of questions.”
Min: Seohyun, thank you
(other members): I’m jealous
Ryeowook: Why don’t you say something to Seohyun
Min: Seohyun, let’s eat together sometime…
Sungmin: You’re not that close, are you?
Min: No, we are. Let’s eat together, be healthy, and let’s see each other again.
Sungmin: Are you the same age?
Min: Yes, we are
Ryewook: It’s difficult making friends in this industry, but you’ve got yourself a good one
Sungmin: I’m jealous

We knew Min was a friend of Seohyun’s from the pictures Eunhyuk tweeted on our maknae’s birthday, but it looks like they may be closer than we thought. I think my favorite quote, and one worth remembering, is when Ryeowook said “It’s difficult making friends in this industry, but you’ve got yourself a good one.” Just goes to show how other idols hold Seohyun in such high esteem. More evidence that her sweet gestures are not all just an act.

Translations by @Chosshi on Twitter, again thank you for your marvelous work!


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