My Seomate Story: Melody

This is the fifth installment of My Seomate Story, a featured article that introduces you to Seomates from around the world and gives them a chance to tell the story of how they came to love SNSD & Seohyun . This month, we meet Melody, a 17 year old Canadian Seomate who took some time to develop her appreciaton for Seohyun, but after being captivated by her on We Got Married, is now more in love than ever. Read on for her story!

Hello! My name is Melody, a 17 year old Seomate from a province called Quebec (Canada) and I am here to share My Seomate Story! I actually became involved in the Korean entertainment world at the end of 2009 through dramas first. I had heard about k-pop groups but that didn’t really interest me at the time because I was still in my Disney/Twilight phase ha! However, one of my online friends introduced me to 2PM and I got hooked, which is how I met SNSD. They made an appearance on 2PM’s Idol Army show and I loved it! Looking back, I especially remember thinking that Seohyun was quite special. She was the maknae who never gave her first wink before, and yet she was the tallest and most mature of the members. That really made her stand out. Plus, it didn’t hurt that she was eventually paired with my bias member Wooyoung hehe. At the time though, I was still only interested in 2PM so my fondness for SNSD and Seohyun developed much later. Naturally, because I started following Seohyun’s activities, I also started loving SNSD.

Melody’s fanart of WGM’s YongSeo couple

Around October or November of 2010 was when I was first really introduced to Seohyun through WGM. I remember randomly clicking on related videos on Youtube and seeing couples like Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo in WGM. That instantly got me interested in the concept of the show, because I’m a sucker for celebrity couples! I knew it was just pretend marriage but that didn’t stop me from doing some research, which is when I found out about the recent Season 2 pairings. I decided to look up all 3 couples (Adam, YongSeo and Khuntoria) on Youtube and I just based my decision on who I would watch by those fanvideos haha! Even though I loved skinship and YongSeo barely had any, their awkwardness and shyness felt so real to me that I just had to see their story unfold. I marathoned their episodes in a few weeks and fell in love with the both of them instantly. I remember my mom asking me “Why are you smiling at your computer screen like that?! What are you watching?” because I had this huge smile plastered on my face the whole time. They were the cutest thing ever. So innocent, so pure. A perfection representation of first love…(sobs excuse me while I go cry in a corner at how amazing they are together)

Although WGM ended a year and a half ago, I am still an ardent shipper and supporter of both, but especially Seohyun. The more I got to know her through WGM, the more I loved her. I could totally identify with her personality. I’m just as shy and innocent as her, which is why I think I got so attached to her in the first place. She was just so unique. I fell in love with her and her quirky yet endearing habits: reading self enrichment books, obsessing over gogumas, listening to Keroro music, just to name a few. She has such a clear and conscious mind about what she wants to achieve for such a young person that it’s really remarkable. I admire her so much for her undying passion and aspirations in life, which really inspired me to find my own life goals. She is so smart, well-mannered and mature beyond her years. I have so much respect for her selfless attitude and generous nature.

Melody’s SNSD Collection

Seohyun really became my role model in no time and has unknowingly become a huge influence on me. For starters, I stalk Seohyun and SNSD’s activities religiously on Twitter. Out of all my K-pop CDs, I own SNSD albums the most. I spazz about her in any possible circumstance, whether it be her concert photos or photoshoots with extremely attractive looking men *cough*. I also decided to try sweet potatoes just because of her. My family thought it was such an odd occurrence. I…wanted to try eating…a vegetable?! (I don’t like veggies if you could tell hehe). They thought it was unbelievable! And now my mom includes sweet potatoes in our meals every so often ha! She even calls them “gogumas” and says it the same excited way Seohyun does! Another habit that I picked up from Seohyun is kind of weird I guess…it’s the way she pouts. Every time I’m deep in thoughts, I end up pouting like her! She’s really rubbing off on me in unexpected ways! Her outlook on life has also influenced me a lot. She is so bright and positive about what the future holds, that I’ve just become a much more happier person myself. Her kindness also pushed me to become more involved and want to make a change in the world. I have actually been doing volunteer work for a while but last year I got really committed and signed up for both the Amnesty International club and my school’s yearbook club.

I have also recently started knitting a scarf to donate to the less fortunate children in China as part of a YongSeo International project, inspired by the one and only Seohyun. Thanks to her, I have discovered a new passion for knitting!! I bought new materials already and will start on a second scarf soon! I must say, knitting is no joke!! Seohyun is really admirable for taking the time to knit a scarf even with her extremely hectic schedules. For those who didn’t know, YSI is a fangroup that has been supporting Yonghwa and Seohyun for the past 2 years. In each of our projects, we always include a donation project whether it be for World Vision, UNICEF or Roots and Shoots Korea, because we know that giving back has always been something important to the both of them. Hehe sorry for the shameless plug. I just feel very proud to be part of a fandom that contributes to the community and do meaningful things. ^^

Anyways, back to the goddess that is Seohyun…I’ve learned so much from her (and her wonderful unnies) and am truly grateful for all that she’s taught me unconsciously. She is such an amazing role model and an inspiration to do good things in life. I love seeing her pursue her dreams and cannot wait to read future headlines saying “SNSD’s maknae Seohyun becomes the United Nations’ new advocate” :) 2 years with Seohyun and counting!


Thank you, Melody, for sharing that amazing story! It’s always great to see Seomates getting inspired by the goguma princess to give back to their communities! I’m sure Seohyun would be proud!

Be sure to check out the site Melody admins for, YongSeo International. They’ve done a lot of great things and have a few projects going at the moment, so give them a hand!

If you would like to share your Seomate story and want to be featured in next month’s post, don’t hesitate to mention me on twitter, @4everseomate. I’d love to hear your story!

  • Written By: Melody
  • Edited By: lvsanchez115

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  1. Ouuuhh you’re so good. .
    Thnx for share the inspired story. .
    I’m so proud to become a part of a sweet family. . 🙂

  2. Your story is more or less to me~ I thought when I biased to SeoHyun , it’s weird because from all I heard , more people biased to other members when I first started to love SNSD , 2 years ago~

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