[VIDEO + S-CAPS] Seohyun in “All My Love is for You”

SONE, we have been caught completely by surprise! SNSD’s newest Japanese music video, “All My Love is for You”, was released earlier today. This relaxing, mid-tempo pop song is pleasant on the ears, but the music video is even more easy on the eyes. Check out more of Seohyun below!

*Knock, Knock.* Hey. Seomates. Are you still alive over there? No, you’re not. Because we’ve all gone to heaven after experiencing this wondrous video, with all the amazing shots of this perfect goddess.

My thoughts?

Not a bad song at all. Does it remind me of Time Machine? Yes. But I like it very much. Just as I like almost any Japanese release by Girls’ Generation. While I may not be TOO excited about Hyo and Soo not getting any lines, Seohyun did marvelous on her lines.

As for the video… all 9 are looking magnificent, as usual. The Japanese stylists did an amazing job, again, as usual.  Seohyun looked very elegant and sexy. The retro look was perfect. The close up shots were enough to get my heart racing, but the YoonHyun dance … wow. Seolady indeed.

How did you feel about the video, song, and Seobaby’s look? 🙂

  • Video Uploaded by SM Entertainment.
  • S-Caps: Credit as tagged (DC Seohyun Gallery)

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