[ENG SUB] What’s on Seohyun’s Playlist?

Seohyun was featured on the MTV show, “Playlist”, and this clip came out around the time of SM’s concert in New York. I am happy that Soshified got around to subbing it, because it’s chock full of interesting tid bits about our beloved maknae. I’m pretty sure it’s been subbed by others, but I don’t believe I’ve seen it in full, so I had to post for anyone else like me that may have missed it.

Seohyun’s Playlist

  1. SNSD – Gee
  2. Kelly Clarkson – Break Away
  3. BoA – No. 1
  4. SNSD – Into the New World
  5. SNSD – The Boys
  6. CNBlue – Love Girl

I think a noteable statement made by Seohyun in this episode was her reason for listening to their debut song, Into the New World.

There’s an SNSD song I listen to during difficult times. It was our debut song ‘Into the New World’, and I listen to it a lot. Because the attitude we first had then doesn’t stay the same. When there are a lot of difficult situations and when I become a little lazy, if I listen to the song we sang back then, I can really feel how passionate I was about wanting to do this work.

It’s something that fans notice, but I didn’t think an artist would publically acknowledge the fact that the same spark just isn’t there anymore. Not to say that the girls haven’t improved, because they surely keep getting better as time goes on in most aspects. But there is something about the passion and work ethic of a rookie artist in any genre that can’t be matched by a veteran. I find it interesting to hear that Seohyun listens to SNSD’s debut song to keep her spirits up.

Unimportant but… did anyone else notice they used a Seople fancam during the broadcast?? hehe Seohyun surely knew where to search for a great fancam of her live performance.

Make sure to watch the entire video if you haven’t! Tons of interesting stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

Sub Credit – Soshi Subs

  • Translator: taengbear
  • ย Timer: simplyiris
  • Screentext: o-hoy!
  • Editor: Shitro13
  • Encoder: Darkcloud

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