My Seomate Story: Gee

This is the fourth installment of My Seomate Story, a featured article that introduces you to Seomates from around the world and gives them a chance to tell the story of how they came to love SNSD & Seohyun . This month, we meet Gee, a 22 year old Filipina SONE who considers herself Seohyun’s polar opposite. Let’s find out how she was drawn to our maknae’s unique charms!

Hello, SONEs and Seomates! I’m Gee, 22, from the Phillippines!

Please pardon my writing skills haha.

Okay, so how did I become a fan of Girls’ Generation?  In 2010, KPOP was getting popular here and I honestly didn’t care. Back then, I didn’t really get how people were so into it when they didn’t even understand the songs. But, I did like watching a few Korean dramas that were dubbed. So I was browsing for new Korean dramas and I happened to read an article about this song “Gee” that held the record for being the longest running No.1 song for 9 consecutive weeks. I got curious because of the song title. It’s Gee! There’s a song for my name haha. I thought maybe this would be the best Korean song ever so I googled it and listened to the audio. I honestly didn’t like it. I didn’t even finish the song. It was too cutesy for me. I got bored and went to YouTube, typed ‘SNSD’, and watched a live performance of Genie. Here comes my stupidity. I thought Gee and Genie were the same song, that Genie is the ballad version of Gee. WTH. I know… what was I thinking?! I fell in love with Genie. A 9-member girl group was new to me and their choreography blew me away. At that time, I just kept watching live Genie performances. I didn’t know their names yet and I kept noticing this girl that is always at the center of their choreography. Her eyes were so pretty. She was the prettiest to me. I joined Soshified to get free downloads and I eventually found out that the pretty girl’s name was Seohyun. I accidentally saw an article about Seohyun and Yonghwa joining We Got Married. I was so intrigued with the show’s concept. After watching the first episode, I got hooked! Watching it made my heart flutter! That’s when I realized that Korean entertainment is actually awesome. I got to know more about Seohyun through WGM and she officially became my favorite soshi member and I also became a full-time SONE. 🙂

Seohyun and I have the exact opposite personalities. So how and why did I like Seohyun the most out of all the members? There’s something about her that makes me smile whenever I watch her. Watching numerous shows, performances and interviews, I knew exactly why she became my bias. She’s unique and different. Her character is what makes her stands out. She’s so disciplined and stands for what she believes in. She’s soft-spoken but full of knowledge and wisdom. She’s reserved, but when she’s on stage she’s a diva. She’s full of potential, but very humble. I’ve got so many reasons that I could go on and on, but the most remarkable for me is her heart of gold. As everyone says, she’s not your typical idol and she keeps on proving that to everyone. And one of the most amazing things about Seohyun is that she seems completely unaware of how beautiful she is. She truly is a precious gem.

I look up to her so much that I picked up some of her habits. I started to eat sweet potatoes as my snack and realized it was really delicious! As much as I love my sodas and fast-food, I’ve cut down my intake and began making better choices. I also now prefer drinking green tea over coffee. I also tried her infamous ‘Ma’ drink, but I don’t think I did it right haha!

I am truly grateful to know all of the members of Girls’ Generation, especially Seohyun. I’ve never been addicted to any girl group before, only SNSD. My life has changed. I am always updated on everything related to Girls’ Generation. I’ve met people of different races, cultures and nationalities that share the same interests. Being a SONE and Seomate takes a lot of my time and money but it doesn’t matter to me, because that’s what makes me happy. 🙂

  • Written By: Gee
  • Edited By: lvsanchez115

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