Seohyun Japan Fansite Q&A

Q: When you go abroad for work, what do you always bring with you?
A: An electronic dictionary, its a must have for going abroad. If you have it you can learn and speak even just a little bit of the country’s language.

 Q: If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
A: I want to go to the center of ancient civilizations, Egypt, and see the pyramids and Sphinx in person. I haven’t been to Egypt once yet.

Q: Health leader Seohyun, what points do you keep in mind for your health? Please tell us♪
A: I drink vitamins and nutrients, but I also do steady exercise and make a habit of eating less salt.

Translation: & Source: Japan mobile fansite

hehe I loved all of her unique little answers. Of course our Hyun would bring an electronic dictionary with! And she wishes to visit Egypt to learn about ancient civlilizations. How interesting! We already know how much of a health freak maknae is, so no surprise there lol


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