[CLOSED] TaeTiSeo “Twinkle” Album Giveaway!

Hello, Seomates! I have finally received my Twinkle albums in the mail after waiting for so long! After opening one, I decided to give away the other to one of my readers! If you want to find out how to win, keep reading!

The contest is open to all international fans (outside of Korea) and shipping is free internationally. I don’t have many rules/restrictions, so please follow these carefully or you will not be eligible for the giveaway.

  • You MUST be following Forever Seomate on Twitter. Follow HERE.
  • Leave a comment with the name of your favorite song on the album and why. Don’t forget to tell me what your Twitter screen name is so I can confirm that you are following!
  • When commenting, make sure to leave a valid e-mail address in the e-mail field so I can contact you if you’ve won.
  • You can only leave one comment.

The contest will be open from today to Saturday, June 2nd at 12:00AM US Central time. I reserve the right to extend the date if there aren’t enough responses, but I don’t think I will.

One winner will be selected randomly using random.org. So, it doesn’t matter what you comment as long as you answer the prompt given above. But don’t think that you can just write “Enter Me” and be entered. Please answer the question given and provide all required information.

The winner will be contacted the day the contest closes and will have 48 hours to respond. If they do not respond by that time, the prize will be forfeited and another winner will be selected. So make sure to leave an email that you check daily!!

One more thing I’d like to clear up, this album is UNOPENED, so I do not know which photo card it contains. The album may contain a photo card from either Tiffany, Taeyeon or Seohyun. I will guarantee that it’ll be beautiful, whichever one you get hehe

Good luck, Seomates!


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  1. Favorite song on the album besides twinkle is definitely Library. Whenever I listen to the song, cant help but want to hop around like they do during the performance. Its a very upbeat song and i can’t help but feel happy when I listen to it. Love the chorus 🙂

  2. Hi der unnie~!

    My favorite song on the album is Baby Steps. I don’t exactly know why it’s my favorite, but from the moment I heard it – I was in love. Something about the way they harmonize with each other so perfectly and all the emotions present. You can clearly feel all the emotions as you listen to the song and even more when you watch their live performnaces. Not only that, you can hear how much Seohyun’s voice has improved now that she has more lines in a song. In particular, her notes at the end of the song killed me from the beginning. All in all, Baby Steps has quickly become one of my all time favorite SNSD songs and it’s now even all 9 of my girls…

    Unnie, follow me on twitter @MariV52 ;D

  3. Hello! 🙂

    My favorite song in this album has to be Library! From the first time I listen to it, it has a kind of music and tune that captures my heart. Then I went to Google it’s lyrics and found it to be so meaningful and sweet, making it even better!

    My twitter is: karchun08 (followed you already (: )

  4. Hi unnie 😀

    My favorite song without a doubt would be Baby Steps. It was love at first listen. Seohyun’s voice was amazing and combined with TaeNy’s voices it was like heaven. I could easily listen to this song all day. You can find me spazzing on twitter @nessa5646. (Don’t let Ma-chan win)

  5. My favorite song on the album is Baby Steps because of the meaning, the vocalists(ofc) and the adlibs (good god the adlibs!)

    Twitter is @MVSONE

  6. my favorite song is definitely Love Sick, because I enjoy the slower smooth r&b sound it has to it. though each song definitely brings out the vocals of TTS, I liked Love Sick the most, right from the beginning! Thanks very much, hope you’re doing well!

    twitter is @kt9823

  7. My Favorite Song in SNSD TTS “Twinkle” Album is Oh My God (OMG) because of the beat and their high notes their.. they are like a rock star.. and their voices is so amazing and I feel that I driving a car when I listening OMG. “OH My God, Oh My God” I remember my friends when I still elementary! because of OMG! I really love TaeTiSeo especially Seohyun and Taeyeon (my biased) another is Yoona 😀

    My Twitter Name is Joralyne Macabago (@yoontae29)
    I already follow you unnnie
    Thanks for this kind of opportunity ^_^

  8. My favourite song in TTS “Twinkle” is Library, because when the album was realsed, i can’t stop to linstening. Then I read the translation… and I could not believe it, just at the time I wrote a book with details of my girlfriend, and things that do not want to forget about her. It was difficult to choose a song, the album is perfect.

    My twitter name is Choi Byeol (@Byeol_Choi)
    Thanks for this web, are perfect ♥
    From Argentina… Byeol.

  9. My favorite song in TTS’s album would have to be Baby Steps! I’ve listened to it many times before by Varsity and it has been an all time favorite song of mine 🙂 I love the melody and the chorus, but what makes me love it even more is that my ultimate bias, Seohyun, and her two lovely unnies sing it! It has more emotion to it and omg their beautiful voices combined at the chorus is just heavenly. I could listen to this song forever haha 😀 btw my twitter is sweetsimpliciti ^_^

  10. My favorite song is Baby Steps from TTS’s album because i really love the meaning of this song and their voices are just amazing!! ^^
    Twitter link : https://twitter.com/#!/anaamp14
    Twitter Name : anaamp14
    Email : anaamp14@gmail.com
    Thank you so much for this giveaway~!

  11. Kristri Fitri

    All of the tracks are my favorite actually. Seriously, the whole album, 100 % addictive. 😀
    But I, wisely, will choose Love Sick. The first time I heard the song, I was like, Ah this is not really Soshi type. They used to sing sweet songs, deathly ones. But then I realized it isnt soshi, it is TaeTiSeo. And BAM! The song did the magic on me. The meaning is simple but leaves complex feeling everytime you play it. AND They improve so much. I really love Seolady’s adlibs. Tae’s sweeter voice and Fany’s everything. :p
    somehow I am glad and sad they just got 6 tracks into the album. T T

  12. TaetiseoSNSDLover

    My most favorited song is Love Sick. I really love how Taetiseo portray their feelings through their voices. This song touched my heart. It started with Tiffany’s soft husky voice, followed by our maknae Seohyunnie who puts a lot of emotions and finally our kid leader, Taeyeon who pulls off with high notes powerfully! I love this song because I can listen to many of Seohyun’s adlibs. Seohyunnie really improves a lot, and her improvements can be clearly seen through this song.

    I really love Taetiseo. Aigoo, I really hope to get this! Fighting and thanks so much for giving us chance to win this! ^^

    Twitter username: syomie
    Email: syomie@gmail.com

  13. My favorite song is Twinkle. I love this song because the beat of this song is owned by and the main thing that caused me to like this song because I fell in love with one of the moments in its music videos. Moment in which Seohyun wink so memorable for me. In the end Seobaby was growing up. Feel proud of her. ^^

    TaeTiSeo Jjang! TaeTiSeo Hwaiting!!

    @ otid20

  14. My favorite song is Twinkle. I really like all of them (especially Baby steps & OMG) but the twinkle just makes me sing my heart out even though I sound like a dying cat while doing it XD


  15. My favorite song is Checkmate, with Love Sick and Twinkle close behind.
    Honestly, the drum solo on the bridge just adds that extra bump, and their vocals, are just awesome.

  16. My favorite song in TTS Twinkle album is Library plainly because Fany is my bias and I love how she sang ‘Li-bu-ra-ry’. This song perks up my day always! ^^


  17. annyeong!

    i think my favorite song would be Love Sick. I don’t really know why, for i love all the songs to be honest. i think it is because i’m touched with its lyrics and with the way TaeTiSeo convey their emotions when they are singing it haha.

    email: chodingbites@yahoo.com

  18. My favourite song would be Twinkle, their new concept is so fresh and different compared to Girls Generation concept. I really like their outfits and the setup of their MV and shows in Music Bank. I’m a great fan of Seohyun and im a Seomate too! Seohyun looks so awesome in Twinkle, well Tiffany and Taeyeon looks awesome too! Seohyun also winks alot in Twinkle which makes me even more mad about her! Hwaiting Seohyun ❤

    Twitter : @tanweihon
    Email : souseinoaquarion@hotmail.com

  19. Twitter: @XIUMLN

    Hi! 😀 My favorite song on the album is Baby Steps. It makes me feel nice and nostalgic whenever I listen to it. It also has a nice melody and rhythm to it, and the way their voices blend is just perfect! ^^

    And, thank you for this opportunity! ^_^

  20. VanidaFanytastic

    My favorite song is Love Sick because of their vocal. I just love the way they sing. TTS voice were amazing.

    Twitter: Soshi_Sonesr1

  21. Brittany Tran

    All the songs on this album are so good and are all my favorite, but the song that I listen to the most would be Love Sick. When I first heard them perform it on Music Core, I was lost for words; TaeTiSeo’s emotions were really poured into this song.

    Thank for having this giveaway! Fighting Everyone!

    Twitter: @brit_taeng

  22. Twitter: @XIUMLN
    email: paulineordenes@yahoo.com

    Hi! 😀 My favorite song on the album is Baby Steps. It makes me feel nice and nostalgic whenever I listen to it. It also has a nice melody and rhythm to it, and the way their voices blend is just perfect!

    And, thanks for this opportunity! ^_^

  23. My favorite song in this album is Twinkle! It is very catchy and I don’t get sick of listening to it even though I have heard it countless times on my mp3, tv and online. I have started loving this song ever since the first teaser came out!

    My twitter is @forhes9


  24. My favourite song is Goodbye, Hello! I just love the way taeyeon sings in this song plus I was sort of introduced to it via SM’s short doggy skit at the end of the Twinkle MV hasn’t it was really cute haha. It just gives me a happy and warm feeling whenever I’m listening to it and cheers me up instantly. There’s a substantial amount of English lines too so it’s nice to hear Seohyun and Taeyeon sing them for once(I mean Tiffany too but she sings English lines all the time). That’s why I love this song! My explanation isn’t that great but I recommend everyone to listen to this song just because ~ my twitter name is @jetidalwave

  25. Wow this is a tough question, I really like all the songs on the album! But, if I have to choose one, I will choose Twinkle! I love the vocals and the confident vibe from it! Shows off the strengths of all 3 girls and I feel it was really a chance for Seohyun to shine more. Thanks for the contest!


  26. My favourite song on the album would have to be “Baby Steps.” I was a very big fan of this song back in 2009 when it was sung by Varsity Fanclub! I was so surprised to hear it on TTS’ album. Talk about nostalgia!! >:D Taetiseo did a great rendition of this song! Great harmonies, such emotion and the live performances were great! 😀

    My twitter is @SNSDSwag09

  27. Favorite song is Baby Steps. I love how it showcases the girls vocals. The r&b influence is something different the girls haven’t tried yet…. which I like. I think I’ve replayed the song over 1000 times already. Oh and the translated lyrics I love so much… its so deep.
    twitter: @kimiioo

  28. My favorite song is Love Sick!! I love the lyrics, the melodies and the vocal range is off da hook!! Such a well sung song! :))

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  29. I was going to say that my favorite song is “Baby Steps” but then I thought again and my choice is “Checkmate”. why ? because everytime I listen to this song I get amazed with SeoHyun’s sexy vocals, the beat of the song always make me feel more confident LOL ( I know it’s ridiculous but… hahaha) and I couldn’t forget to talk about the strong lyrics 😀

    TTS is flawless, I want the others sub-units NOW hahaha ;D


  30. my favorite song definetly Love Sick. i love the r&b touch in that song and its show their vocal and emotion of them beautifully. when i first heard, i suddenly fallen in love with that song. and when they sang love sick in LeeSora’s i fallen deeper, no doubt bout it 😀

    twitter: @deliviadaulay

  31. It’s hard to choose my favourite song because I love them all!
    But the one I like the most is probably “처음이었죠 (Love Sick)”
    I really loves Seohyun’s voice in this song, I even played it on loop for a whole day!
    And somehow after reading the lyrics, I also feel so touched because I ever had the same feelings this song portrays. I even teared up when seeing TTS performing this song ><
    Thank you for this awesome contest! And good luck to all participants as well! 🙂

    Twitter: @YoonHyuniverse

  32. Baby Steps! For the slow ballad and vocals. Bonus are the dance movements during performances!


  33. My favourite song would be Good-bye, Hello. Loving the lyrics and the english in them! Also liking the slow pace and flow of the song!


  34. Favourite Song is Baby Steps
    I think because I like vocal more so I choose Baby Steps. Whether am i hearing them live or through the audio music, I enjoy hearing it even if it gonna play 90 times on repeat. Due to language barrier I don’t understand what is the meaning of the song, but even just by listening to it I can feel the emotions. What best about this song is when they are singing it and with lyrics, it makes them totally stand out and sending me a message through this song.

  35. My favorite song from the album is twinkle because whenever i hear it i cant help but sing and dance to it. I also love that Fany has so many more singing parts. Something about her voice makes me love it whenever she sings.
    twitter – @lorrules

  36. My favorite song is Twinkle. I usually love all their title song and it is no different with this. The song really showcase the highs and lows of their voices, its also upbeat and really catchy and I can’t help but bop my head to the beat. I really like this collaboration between TTS because of how much more singing parts each girl gets.

    twitter: @pearoro

  37. My favorite song is Twinkle.
    Twinkle really show their powerful vocals and proves that their voices are versatile. It’s super addictive!

    twitter: @yanmie00

  38. my favorite song is Baby Steps. i love how they really flex their vocals for this song and how they sound so emotional. i’m also a sucker for piano in general so loved the background music. i especially like the bridge with all the high notes and harmony. their voices blend so well together ❤

    twitter: @mystery_oyster

  39. My favorite song is Baby Steps. I love the beat of the song, and it turns out to be a beautiful song with Taetiseo’s vocals. All their voices blend well especially in the chorus.
    Their voices are soft but powerful at the same time. ^^

  40. So sorry, I forgot to put in my twitter name: @AmiloKpop

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