[BOOK EXCERPT] Girls’ Generation Memoirs – Seohyun

The Japanese book, Girls’ Generation Memoirs, released back in 2010, was written as a sort of crash course for new fans of the group who had no prior knowledge of them. I came across a nice translation at Soshified (link and full credits at the bottom) and asked the translator if I could post it here for Seomates. Whether you’ve just become a fan of Seohyun, or you’ve been following her for awhile, I think it’s an interesting read.

Seohyun – A healing innocence that anybody wants to protect

  • Name: Seo Juhyun
  • Birthdate: June 28th, 1991
  • Height/Bloodtype: 168cm/A
  • Hobby: Listening to music, reading
  • Education: Dongguk University, Theatre Arts Major
  • Specialty: Chinese, English, Japanese, playing the piano
  • Strong point: Modest
  • Weak point: Too serious

Complete self-management! The serious and pretty “model student”
When it comes to females, anybody should have an interest in beauty. It is all the better when you combine the point of becoming a “pretty” idol.
And there is no other serious initiative girl as pretty as Seohyun. Because of her diligence, even the members call her the “model student.”
Well then, just how much is she a model student? First, she sleeps at midnight. According to Seohyun, skin cells rejuvenate at night, so she aims to go to bed by midnight. However, the members find it “too thorough” and seem unpopular among them.
Also, she tries not to eat instant food and fast food. From the start, she likes healthy food beyond anything.
But she seems to dislike hamburgers and carbonated items and when she saw Sunny eating a hamburger she blurted out without thinking: “If you eat those kinds of food, you will die.” Sunny rebutted, “It’s not like it’s poisoned, so it’s alright to eat it as much as you like.”
It is amazing how diligent she is as well as her strong self-restraint she puts upon herself and that is one her biggest charms. However, her overly serious personality sometimes baffles the other members.

The diligent girl’s favorite book genre is self-improvement
When it becomes the time where students apply for university every year, the topic of entertainer’s education comes up. A sudden interest in broad and miscellaneous knowledge within Japan’s entertainment world occurs and for example, even idols pursue a general education. People with various knowledge spheres appear on T.V. shows as well as talents whose main sell point is their higher education.
On the other hand, in Korea, where society is based on academic background, entertainers also pursue an academic background.  Among them, Seohyun is famous for her intelligence and former portal site Bugs conducted a survey, “Who fits the image of a lawyer the best among entertainers?” and Seohyun shined as number one.
Fitting that image, she studies on her own without any one telling her to, is currently attending university, and juggles both school and entertainment activities.
Her hobby is reading. She especially likes getting up early in the morning to read.
What kind of books does she like to read? It seems like she likes to read self-improvement books that not a lot of young girls typically read. There may be people out there wondering why she reads those books and you will understand once you hear the reason. She was separated from home and entered society at a young age; she didn’t ask her parents for advice even through tough times and instead, read self-improvement books during that time and solved her problems.
When you hear this reason, even if you are not fan, you will want to cheer her on.

Popular idol now, but at one time conservative too
Idols are doing activities in the glamorous world of entertainment. That fashion attracts the eyes of a lot of females and a lot of fans often copy the girls’ hairstyles, clothes, bags, shoes, and more.
Nevertheless, Girls’ Generation right now is stylish and has become a fashionable icon, but Seohyun was conservative a little before now.
In those days, even if she was just buying one set of clothes, she would ask the advice of the other members.
However, she finally developed some fashion sense to pick out items by herself and now worries about the clothing for the photo shoot the day before the shoot. She finally has some interest in being fashionable.
Seohyun, who is a model student, was at first too serious and did her very best at dance and singing lessons without paying attention to the fashionable trends that girls her age would have interest in.
A traditional innocence that does poorly with males
It is an unspoken rule in the entertainment world for idols not to be associated with any males, but recently a lot of idols have broke the rules and is making wide spread clamor.
From the view point of fans, however, they do not want to see their idols going out with anybody. The innocent idol that caters to those feelings is Seohyun.
She has an austere personality and it seems she never dated before. More than anything, it seems she is uncomfortable around males.
Even her own members scold her on that topic: “You’re already 20. Aren’t you avoiding boys too much? We can see the strong dislike for them. Be a good girl,” she did not listen to them and replied, “It’s not that I dislike them, I have no interest in them.” In these days, she is a unique pure girl.
Even though that is said, she is still an adolescent. It’s not that she has no interest whatsoever, but she wants to get married by 30.
However, many males who still support her. Tohoshinki’s mood maker Junsu, who is in the same agency, is also said to have taken interest in her straight forward personality.
In Japan, she might be one of the endangered “pure and innocent idols.” Naturally, one after another people’s hearts are healed by that pure-heartedness.

An unexpected side of her she does not show in front of the camera
Whether in private or at work, everybody knows of the serious and diligent Seohyun, but living with the other members at the dorm she shows a completely different side.
Jessica mentioned, “You always have a lady-like manner, but at the dorm you say a lot of complaints.  It’s unlimited sayings of ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I’m angry.’” However, Seohyun replied, “It is because I was influenced by you.”
On T.V. she is reserved and does not stand in front often, but privately, she seems to say whatever is on her mind. When Yuri said, “For the first 3 months, no matter how many times I tried talking to you, you never replied back,” Seohyun rebutted, “I thought you were scary.”
Also, when Seohyun dyed her hair, the wig she had for work was left out in the living room, so when Sunny and Sooyoung came back from work late at night it scared them to death. Seohyun, who is said to be too serious, sometimes show a careless side like this as well.
Because Seohyun is the youngest among the members, she is called “maknae.”  She gets a lot of attention of really being like a younger sister from all the members and said happily, “I always wanted an older sister, so I’m really happy to be able to have 8 older sisters.”  All the more reason of when the older sisters of Girls’ Generation are not around she might unconsciously show a side that she normally does not.

The ideal Akiba-er?  Her favorite things are anime and manga
From Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon to Neon Genesis Evangelion, Japanese animation has surpassed national borders and extremely popular. In countries around the world from adults to kids, they are all glued to the T.V. watching.
That is also the same in Korea. Starting with Sunny liking the super popular comic even in Japan, “One Piece,” even members of Girls’ Generation are fans of Japanese animation and comics.
It is known that among the members, Seohyun likes anime, especially “Keroro Gunso,” and has even tackled voice acting for the Korean dub of “Keroro Gunso.” Furthermore, actively taking part in voice acting, she also dubbed the Korean version of “Despicable Me” as the younger sister, Edith.
Seohyun, who also likes Japanese comics, is a fan of “Nodame Cantabile,” and she is a fan of Ueno Juri, who played the role of Noda Megumi in the drama. For that reason, when Ueno Juri was visiting Korea to promote the movie “Nodame Cantabile,” she also appeared as a guest on the virtual marriage show, “We Got Married.”
Pure-hearted Seohyun, who likes anime and comics, is without a doubt Girls’ Generation’s cutest.

The root of Seohyun’s seriousness comes from her mom!
She uses honorifics even with members of Girls’ Generation and still modest even though she is popular now. No matter how busy she gets, she still attends class at Dongguk University and never neglects her school work.
The reason for her seriousness could be due to her parents.
Seohyun’s family is just her and her parents. Therefore, as the only child, she was raised very preciously. It is known that Seohyun’s mom is the director of a piano school and Seohyun is also skilled in playing the piano thanks to the coaching from her mother.
Also, she was very thoroughly taught about food and finance, and there was an episode during their trainee days where Yuri borrowed money for the bus fare from Seohyun, who rode together with Yuri, and afterwards, she kept a record down to the 10 won she is owed.
Korea is more passionate towards education than Japan. There are questions on how to train kids to keep studying and if the child is raised to be a diligent good kid like Seohyun, there are sure to be many moms out there that want to know training process.


Again, this was written in 2010, so the information is a little outdated. Seohyun has changed a lot since then, although some things remain the same. It is still in interesting read. I hope you enjoyed it!

If you’re interested in reading the stories of the other 8 girls, please visit this thread at Soshified’s Translated Goodies section. This is especially helpful to newer SONE or anyone who’s maybe Seohyun biased, but beginning to show interest to the other girls.

Written by: Girls’ Generation Research Group

Published by: Soryusha Publishing
Translated by: arghninja@ssf (aka Fenrir@jphip)

Edited by: Reyu@ssf (aka Yuuyami@jphip)

Photos were not included in the book, I posted them here from various online sources 🙂

Special thanks goes out to SSF subber arghninja for letting me post their translations here!


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  1. I love Seohyun than the other girls’ generation members.. I just don’t know why.. she’s cute and sings very nice and good!!! Seohyun forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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