[VIDEO, TRANSLATIONS, GIFS] TaeTiSeo on Kangta’s Pasta e Basta 120524

A few translations, all courtesy of ch0sshi on Twitter:

diff between promoting as 9-members & tts..

seohyun: the waiting room is a lot quieter

taeyeon: there are playful members in the group

tiffany: but they’re not us [said those members are sooyoung, yuri, hyoyeon]

taeyeon: everything tends to break/get ruined when it lands in seohyun’s hands

seohyun: no it doesn’t, unnie [starts trying to get the avocado out]

taeyeon: i feel so uneasy

seohyun: come out

taeyeon: aren’t you kneading it a little too much?

seohyun: no (…) that was fun

taeyeon: we didn’t create more work for you, did we?

seohyun: is it okay?

kangta: it’s fine. yours looks better

seohyun: no it’s not

kangta: it just means both our cooking skills are similar

-seohyun swinging her hair out the way-

kangta: what did you just do? i thought it was a new dance move

taeyeon: seohyun looks scary

tiffany: she looks like a ghost

seohyun: a heart

kangta: where?

seohyun: it’s a heart

tiffany: you want to love, huh, seohyun?

seohyun: i love you, unnie

kangta: i know seohyun’s in love lately. i know who the person is, too

tiffany: really?

kangta: music

seohyun: you’re right

taeyeon: we don’t have anymore reactions to give you [and your jokes]

taeyeon: seohyun once told me something really shocking. she asked me to introduce her [to guys]

kangta: really?

taeyeon: that’s the first time i’ve seen seohyun being so enthusiastic

kangta: she’s at the age to date/love right?

Say WHAAAAT, Taeyeon?? Our maknae asked you to hook her up with someone?! I don’t know about you guys, but I am not a very loyal shipper. I like maknae with practically EVERYONE haha I agree with TVXQ’s Changmin when he said Seobaby should date as much as she wants! Again, I haven’t seen the part when Taeyeon said this, so for all we know this could be a joke haha but I have no problem with it. Go, Seobaby!

P.S. Can you cook for me? ๐Ÿ™‚


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