Seohyun News Round-up!!

Yes, I know. I’m a horrible Seomate. I’ve missed out on blogging so much TaeTiSeo and other Seohyun news. So rather than spam those of you who have been diligently following Seo headlines, I decided to do a little news round up on anything I missed that’s happened within the past week, just so I feel better as a Seomate. *sigh* And for anyone who just wants a quick recap, read on!! 🙂

1. Seohyun is appointed as ambassador for the 2012 UN Yeosu Expo

This first headline is non-TTS related, but it is a major one that I regret not blogging! The appointment took place earlier in March, but the news was just released last week. This is just SO Seohyun! And she was appointed by none other than Mr. Ban Ki Moon himself. I am so proud and excited for her!

I’m happy that I was able to be named Goodwill Ambassador by Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who I have always looked up to. I will put forth my efforts as ambassador to spread knowledge of the marine environment.

News Source: Soshified 

Translation By : ch0sshi@soshified

2. Yakult CF Released

O.O All the girls are looking HOT. Seohyun appears for a few seconds, but she is smokin!!! WOOOO

Uploader: seungki7

3. Seororo gifts Sweet Potatoes

Korean singer Ivy posted a photo of these delectable gogumas on her personal blog. These were given to her by our Seobaby after performing on Music Bank and complaining of hunger.

Today I performed at ‘Music Bank’ and used the same waiting room as TaeTiSeo. When I said that I was hungry, Seohyun gave me some sweet potatoes. Pretty Seohyun has a beautiful heart as well. The slim sweet potatoes look like ‘Girls’ Generation sweet potatoes.’

AWWW isn’t that sweet? Typical maknae, guys. Not suprising at all.

News Source: Soompi

4. Seohyun appears on Joo Byung Jin’s Talk Concert with fellow SMTowners Tiffany, TVXQ, Eunhyuk & LeeTeuk (ENG SUBS)

Here are the subs guys! Make sure you have your captions on! Honestly, I haven’t had time to watch this, just like I’ve been behind on the blog. But be ready for a Seo-accident (hehehe) and watch out for Seohyun’s ultimate SMTown Oppa list! I’m loving her interactions with TVXQ’s Changmin that I’ve heard about. Can’t wait to watch.

Trans/Timer- Nayaonewluv

5. TaeTiSeo performs “Twinkle” on Music Bank

Uploader: namchn719

6. Seohyun Visits Ock Joo Hyun at her musical

What a great friend. I’m sure Ock Joo Hyun will return the favor when it’s Seolady’s turn to star in a musical 🙂

7. Seohyun on Sukira (Fancam)

OOOOOOH u little dork jdklajf;djka love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Videographer, Editor & Uploader: ihope9

That’s all for now, Seomates! I’ll hope you’ll excuse me for all the slow updating. Finals week :-/ But thankfully, almost over.



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  1. thank you 4everseomate(i’m also a foreverseomate:) for Seobb’s news…keep it up please i love reading them^^

  2. I love seo 4ever ♥

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