My Seomate Story: Jia Hui

Jiahui's Seohyun Collection

This is the second installment of My Seomate Story, a new featured article that introduces you to Seomates from around the world and gives them a chance to tell the story of how they came to love SNSD & Seohyun . This month, we meet Jia Hui, a 14 year old Singaporean SONE who fell for our maknae at first sight.

So this is my Seomate story. Allow me to get straight into the point since I have loads to share. (You have been warned!) Unlike Mari or lvsanchez115 [author of the blog] who got to know the girls and Seohyun via We Got Married (WGM), mine was rather fast. It started off with my elder sister blasting Korean on our family’s computer back in late-March 2010, and I was taken aback because it’s extremely rare for me to hear Korean. In fact, I hadn’t been exposed to Korea at all back then. I stood quietly behind her, and at the moment, she was playing the Gee MV.

If you guys can still recall, Seohyun is one of the first few members to show up. I was so caught up with her beauty, cuteness and purity. I was just blown away, lost for words, and the song caught up with me. I remembered asking my sister who is she (Seohyun), and she replied saying she didn’t know, which up till today, sadly, stays as a truth. She went into mandopop and found her own fandom. :(
I asked her for the title of the video, and began playing it and re-watching the MV at my own pace. I often paused the video to stare at the girls, overwhelmed by their beauty.  They had this really special feeling about them that I have yet to exactly pinpoint. Gee wasn’t really my cup of tea for its exaggerated aegyo in the MV and the song. I then went exploring more about the girls, finding more about the girls, trying to remember their names. I found Genie next which worked like a charm; it stays on the high ranks on my favourite list of songs by the girls.
I began watching Girls Go to School, aka “bible of Soshi”. Seeing them work so hard for their dreams and preparing themselves for their debut convinced me that they were different. They weren’t the normal stars who were airheaded, or at least that was how I pictured stars back then as a thirteen-year-old. I vividly remember mixing up Seohyun for Yuri, so for a few weeks during my stay in Soshified, Yuri was displayed as my favourite member instead of Seohyun until someone commented on YouTube correcting me. And that was the start of my journey in the SONE fandom.

Does anyone remember this?

2010 was an extremely significant year for me. It was my first year in middle/high school, or simply known as secondary school here in Singapore. I did not fare very well in the national placing examinations, and had to attend a secondary school whose standards aren’t too good. Singapore’s society is extremely competitive, so I felt really misplaced since I believed I deserved better than what the results showed. Regardless, I had to accept the fact that I had bad grades, so with an anxious heart, I headed to school.
But it did not turn out as I expected it to be. I found no way to make friends or communicate with my fellow classmates, for we were of a different wavelength. Bullying began, firstly by the seniors who sat beside me during mass gatherings in the morning (it’s a routine within all schools) as they picked on me as the “loner” while my classmates turned hostile. I felt lost and hurt, not knowing how to deal with it. That is when the nine girls came into my life, and I couldn’t be anymore grateful. They brought me laughter, kept that bit of sanity in me, and transported me into another dimension every time I plugged my earphones in. I was so thankful, and that kept me in the fandom till today and many more years and decades to come.
Focusing on Seohyun, I started looking up to her as a role model. Putting aside her status as a member of Girls’ Generation, she is the smartest kid on the block with straight As. Honestly, would you read self-improvement books, choose sweet potatoes over guys and say no to fast food? The girls’ habits, with more emphasis on Seohyun, slowly sunk into my bones. I started reading up on world issues, taking note of global affairs and even politics, which led me to joining the exciting career of being a Model United Nations delegate, a simulation of the United Nations. Seomates should know UN’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, is Seohyun’s role model. It was first announced during the WGM period when I had been a SONE for at least a few months, thus making me really happy as a Seomate. I felt like I had acheived something and had one extra fulfilling experience to add under my rank as a Seomate.

The girls also brought me to meet lvsanchez115 , Mari, and many more awesome Sones from Singapore that resemble one big family amongst our group. We are there for each other even though we might never meet, and many a time I find that my Sone friends actually know and understand me more than my school friends do. I find it amazing how Sones are able to chat with one another on Twitter so easily like we are long-time friends while it’s so hard to ask for a simple greeting from people outside the fandom nowadays.
To sum things up, I have no reason to quit this fandom nor do I regret joining the fandom (though I spend a lot more now, hah). Being a Sone and a Seomate will be a name I carry with me for the rest of my life, even when I have kids, even when I grow old, even when the girls have become mothers or even ahjummahs. It’s forever 9, and nothing else.

  • Written by: Jiahui
  • Edited by: lvsanchez115

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