[NEWS] Seohyun leaves a New Message for Japanese fans!

Seohyun has left a new message on SNSD’s mobile fansite. This time she tells them about how hard it was to shed tears on the set of Time Machine. Hmm… I wonder why that is…?

今回のミュージックビデオでは演技に挑戦しました! 感情をうまく表現するために撮影に集中をしていましたが、写真を見ながら涙を流すシーンは少し苦労をしました。
なぜなら写真に写っているのは・・・木に寄りかかったターザンみたいな外国人の男の人!! 本当に笑いが止まらなくて、感情を入れるのに大変でした(笑)

Hello everyone from the mobile fansite!  It’s Seohyun♪
Today I will show a scene from the shooting of “Time Machine”!
In this music video I tried out acting! To convey my emotions well I concentrated during the shooting, but the crying scene while looking at a picture was a little hard.
It was because the picture was…of a foreigner man, who looked like Tarzan, leaning against tree!! I really couldn’t stop laughing and it was hard to put in emotions (laughs)

Oh my goodness, Seohyun!!! I am even more impressed you managed to get emotional over such a weird picture lol They really should have given her either a blank or normal photo. This is hilarious though!

translation: redsunset@soshified.com

source: redsunset@soshified.com via Japan mobile fansite


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