Seohyun in Time Machine PV

Yes, I realize I’m a little late, Seomates. But in my mind, it’s never too late to spazz about our goddess. Especially in a video so gorgeous and moving like the one for their latest Japanese music video, Time Machine.

If there happen to be any SONE on Earth that have yet to watch the video, here you go:

While I was amongst those that felt the video fell short of expectations, it’s undoubtedly a step in the right direction. As much as I love the overwhelming aegyo of Gee or the fierce power of Run Devil Run, I think the bar needs to be set a little higher. I had doubts about the girls acting abilities, but for a video they did extremely well. One of my complaints was about the video just being about the girls’ pretty faces, but unlike other videos there was feeling in their expressions. Next step SM…. storyline! Other than that it was beautiful and not just because of the girls. The sets, shots, colors… very well made. In fact, the polar opposite of the Bad Girl PV ๐Ÿ˜›

About our goddess herself… all biases aside, I feel she was one of the strongest actresses in the MV. For a girl who doesn’t have a lot of experience under her belt romantically, it was even more impressive. Her regret felt real and her tears were devastating to us Seomates. I know I’m not the only one who had a tissue out! While I don’t think this beauty is drama material just yet, she definitely deserves a part in any future story MVs. Someone cast this girl in an MV! JYP… I think your next 2AM video could use our Seohyunnie as the main lead. I’m sure Jinwoon would be happy about that haha

Here’s a storyline that was going around that is rumored to be official (who knows)

In the middle of a mansion, Seohyun is in an all white room. In the middle of a gentle white room, she wears all white clothes and wears a corsage on top her head. Her parents donโ€™t like her going out. She knows that. She is what you might call a boxed-in daughter. Many years ago, she had a person she loved. That boy went far away. If she was able to go back, she would want to tell of her unrequited love to him. If she was able to confess; that is the dream she is living in right now. Building up courage, she runs out. To him.

For anyone who’s interested in a Time Machine Wallpaper, here’s a link to a gorgeous one by SooZarr.

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