[OPINION] Seohyun on the Dangerous Boys – Final Thoughts

Aside from some extra footage being aired later on today, the Dangerous Boys’ televised journey has officially ended. They had an amazing performance on Street Jam and the girls said their teary goodbyes. We have all seen the boys’ growth and how much they’ve gotten from being on the show. But what about the members of SNSD, Seohyun in particular? How has she been affected by her time with the Dangerous Boys?

From the beginning of the first episode, the Dangerous Boys have gotten a rise out of our very conservative maknae. Who can forget the piercing stares she gave Yonghyun after watching him use his textbook as a pillow? It was apparent she was not going to let these boys get off easy. As other members laughed off a lot of the seemingly innocent pranks, Seohyun looked very concerned. She received some backlash at the time, but long time fans could only expect these kinds of reactions from her.

When she was first paired up with Hwihoon, I remember having a sinking feeling in my stomach. He was the boy I liked the least and was the one who had proudly proclaimed that he only wanted to play. During their interview, Seohyun was so upset with his answers that even Taeyeon laughed in complete surprise. Even during that first meeting, the two opposites clashed. This boy had no goals nor motivation, and he was not willing to change. The mentor-mentee relationship seemed doomed from the very start.

Fast forward to the Dangerous Boys’ Christmas episode. Our favorite maknae hadn’t gotten much screen time, which was ok by me since I knew she was out of her element during the variety-like segments. But she had still worked hard to try and bond with Hwihoon and help him stay focused by finding his passion. As a thank you to the mentors, the producers had the boys read their Christmas cards to the girls out loud. It was at this time that we learned of Hwihoon’s undying devotion to his favorite SNSD member — Kim Taeyeon.

A lot of SONE like me laughed it off, others didn’t take his favoritism too lightly. Seohyun herself looked visibly uncomfortable, but I’m sure she realized that the boys’ well-being was more important than who their Soshi crushes were. I believe it was at this time that a lot of Seohyun fans started taking things to heart. Any time she was passed over for anything, the reactions were not good. Even the usual good-natured teasing from Soshi members was taken as an offense towards this seemingly fragile girl. But the maknae was not about screen time nor being called a goddess. For her, it was about the boys.

Hwihoon and Seohyun continued to be pretty awkward around each other until the episode where each boy had to go on a “date” with their mentor. Seohyun decided to use this time to show Hwihoon around her college campus. She took him to her library and they looked for books on a career that he would be most interested in. They took a tour of a classroom and it seemed like Hwihoon was finally beginning to take an interest in this college business. To Seohyun’s utter delight, he expressed his desire to start looking into going to Seohyun & Yoona’s school, Dongguk University. During the behind the scenes interviews, he stated his gratitude towards Seohyun for this inspiration.

Throughout the rest of the series, Hwihoon continued to be cordial to both his mentor noonas, although he did show preference towards his bias whenever Hyun was not around. By this time, the show had stopped relying on the SNSD members for the ratings so much and let the boys’ story take over. Rather than waiting around for their activities with Soshi, viewers had begun caring for each of the boys. At this point, I was far from disliking Hwihoon and had taken quite a liking to his aegyo-showing self. We were rooting for them to do their best during Street Jam, just as the Soshi teachers were doing the same.

Street Jam was the culmination of all the hard work the teachers, mentors, psychologists and most importantly, the boys, had done during the past 2 months. The SNSD members all looked on with pride and admiration as the boys finally took the stage. The camera continually focused on both Sooyoung and Seohyun, both of which began to shed tears. How emotionally invested these girls must have been to get so sentimental during the performance. During the show’s final interviews, Seohyun expressed her true feelings about the entire process.

I’m actually clumsy. I wanted to be nice, especially to Hwihoon. As much as I wanted that, I rushed him. I’m sorry. I hope you find your dream and I’ll always be cheering for you. Bye.

I admire Seohyun for admitting her faults as a mentor. Yes, Seohyun went a bit overboard at times, but it always came from a good place. But instead of coming off as a cool noona, she ended up sounding like a strict homeroom teacher. Now that we’ve come to the end, it is no suprise that Seohyun was smart enough to learn from this experience. I think she learned a lot from the boys. She found out that some of them were going through hardships at home that greatly interfered with their school life. Although the issues weren’t an excuse for them to act the way they were acting, it showed Seohyun the importance of getting to know someone before judging them.

I will leave you with Seohyun’s final message to Hwihoon (from Mr. Taxi autographed cd)

Cute Hwihoon! From the very first time I met you, I have been thinking how to be closer with you . Every time, I feel like taking good care of you . Even if it’s a small thing , I would also like to help you out . This time , rather than wanting to be good to you , I feel even more sorry towards you instead . You’ve been showing your best and doing your best. You looked very handsome . I hope the days we have spent together would leave great memories for you ! Also, I hope that you will find your goal and dreams and also make them come true . Hwihoon ah ! Fighting !

So, Seomates, what were your favorite moments on Dangerous Boys? I am sad to see them go ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Dangerous Boys, FIGHTING!


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. While reading this i got tears in my eyes as well. I love you Seohyun and i always will. To Hwihoon i wish him all the best.

  2. very awesome website…

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