[TV] Seohyun on Strong Heart 120228 (ENG SUB)

Being the lucky Seomates that we are, we’ve been treated to a solo appearance by Seohyun on the popular variety show Strong Heart. And Hyun, being the Strong Heart veteran that she is, was prepared with stories about SNSD’s international TV appearances to make us all proud.

Seohyun had a short 5 minute story segment, yet it was more than sufficient. I’m sure all the contestants were proud just listening to SNSD’s acheivements in Western countries. I also hadn’t realized that the girls had even considered not performing on Letterman due to the size of the stage. I think I appreciate that performance even more now and am happy that they were able to work it out in the end.

I’d also like to point out how adorable her anecdote about the SONE in France was. As a fan of Seohyun, you should be aware that this girl finds it very difficult to resist giving fanservice. She is one of the members that will always be ready with an autograph and a smile. She was actually torn between acknowledging her fan and giving a professional performance. This is just another one of the reasons I admire this woman.

Bonus – Official Photos + S-caps


  • Video & Subs – taenacity
  • S-Caps – SBS, Berbba, loved-yet-drifted-apar-t

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