Anticipating Seohyun’s Upcoming Duet with Yoongun!

Hints have been flying around on Twitter and Facebook for the past few days about Seohyun’s duet with Yoongun from Brown Eyes, and as a Seomate I am bursting with excitement. A short audio message from Seohyun, along with a preview of the track, was released on Kakao earlier today. Let’s take a listen, shall we?

Hi everyone, this is Girls’ Generation’s maknae, Seohyun. I will be coming out with a duet track with Yoon Gun, my sunbae that I’ve been a fan of for a long time. I’m sure all of you are really excited about this track, right? Just for you, I’m going to give a special preview of the song here. Now everyone, please turn up the volume just a little bit, close your eyes, and enjoy the song!

What’s the verdict, Seomates? I think it sounds HEAVENLY and I am pleasantly suprised at how well their voices sound together. It will be another chance for Seohyun to show off her skills while singing a song filled with emotion. She did a great job on her solo for the Kim Soo Ro OST and I believe this will be no different. Just a few seconds of the song and I have fallen in love. Yoongun did a great job.

The song, titled “Don’t Say No”, will be officially released on Monday, February 13th on various music sites. Can’t wait!


  • Uploader – SONEHD @ Youtube
  • Translation & Photo – SOSHIFIED



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