[Opinion] Seohyun: An integral part of SNSD’s Vocal Line?

Since SNSD’s conception, Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Tiffany and Sunny have made up the main vocal line of the group. These 5 are usually not absent from performances that rely on vocal ability and have performed for SNSD sub-groups and drama OSTs. What is highly disputed within the SONE fandom is which of these should be considered the lead singers of SNSD and which the vocal line could most likely do without. While other fans may tell you otherwise, I don’t think it would be the same without the maknae, Seohyun.

Before I begin to state my case, let me make it clear that I thoroughly enjoy all of the vocal line and even most of the dancing line’s voices. This is not an article about whose voice sounds the best, since I honestly believe it depends on one’s personal preference. But I think Seohyun hasn’t been getting the credit that is due, since those who prefer the sound of other voices underestimate her role. I would also like to add that I am not a professional and haven’t taken any form of vocal training, but I think there are some things that are just obvious to even the untrained ear.

1. Seohyun is the harmonizer. You will notice during certain performances that Seohyun’s voice is the one that ties everything together.  She is very good at harmonizing with the other girls as well as any male she collaborates with. Having someone with this skill in the group is absolutely necessary.

A few examples:

Banmal Song with Jung Yonghwa of CN Blue

While I was in the process of writing this post, SNSD appeared on the American late-night show, Letterman, and their performance further proves my point. SONE & Kpop fans alike were impressed by Seohyun’s skills. If you listen closely, she is singing back-up for almost all of the members. It is quite commendable, especially knowing the girls only had one take to perfect it.

2. Is that a recording? Or Seohyun? If you still believe that a performer singing live while dancing a routine should sound exactly as they do on your cd, then you’re being a little naive. But I was pleasantly suprised when I was expecting Seohyun to sound out of breath during The Boys promotions. Nope, not our Hyun. I actually began cringing before her long “my boooooy” line and when I heard it, I swelled up with pride.

Here’s SNSD’s Comeback Special. It was natural for the girls to make extra mistakes during their first music show recording, but Seo was only a bit shaky, the rest of her performance was pretty flawless. (Seo’s verse begins at 1:05)

Another The Boys Performance (Seo’s verse begins at 1:12)

3. Seohyun is consistent. This is a point that ties in with the last one. While some of the other girls can be hit-or-miss during live performances, SNSD can count on Seohyun to sing her lines beautifully. Of course, there are exceptions, and Seohyun does make mistakes, but these instances are pretty rare.

4. Her voice just sounds good, period. Whether you prefer the husky sounds of Tiffany’s vocals or Sunny’s light tones, you can’t deny that Seohyun’s voice sounds good enough to be a part of the vocal line. She is one of the members who continues to improve by leaps and bounds as time passes.

This is a fancam of Seohyun’s performance of “Stuff Like That There” during their Japanese tour. Seohyun did not rely on a backtrack during the performance as you can hear the difference each time it’s performed.

Taeyeon and Seohyun covering Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me”

Seohyun performs “Have a Merry Little Christmas” along with Jessica, Gain of Brown Eyed Girls and JiEun of Secret in this next clip. Although Jessica is pushing herself farther, Seohyun’s voice sounds absolutely marvelous and she holds her own.

This final video is of Jazz & Rock versions of Gee. This is a perfect example of SNSD's vocal line working together and sounding heavenly. I honestly can't imagine SNSD being the same without any of these talented ladies.

So, SONE... agree or disagree? Are there any awesome Seohyun performances I missed? Who is your favorite out of the vocal line?


All videos to Uploaders

Christmas Special originally uploaded by monmon on YT, reuploaded by Goguma-Love to Dailymotion


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  1. Her duet with Kim Taewoo during MBC Gayo in 2009 was amazing! Their harmonizing was beautiful and while playing the piano. Again, playing the piano with Yuri for Winter Wonderland. I can honestly say, she can do any genre: Rock, ballad, Jazz, ANY.

  2. She’s the harmonizer, which perfectly describe her important role in SNSD’s vocal line. Her consistency in singing however explained because, unlike the other members, she always singing within her comfort range 🙂

    • While I see your point with past performances, I think The Boys proved that Seohyun can push her range. I was prepared for the worst just knowing that the note was a little hard to sustain, but she did wonderful. This is only the beginning, I believe.

      • with regards to vocal range, i think one of seohyun’s best high notes was the end part of the song winter wonderland that she sang with yuri during snsd’s christmas fairytale performance… that one was really high but she finished it with ease…

  3. seo is really great in harmonizing with others..
    and I can say proudly, she’s the next after tae..
    the second best of singing in snsd..
    just because she’s the magnae, sometimes people still under estimate her..
    but I love her voice..
    even she sing beautifully with kyu, they’re complete each other by harmonizing their voices..
    and that’s make her in the top three of voice’s line..

  4. She’s been given many harmonizing parts over the years but few notice. She also seems to have the most stamina out of all 9. Even at the end of the song, she still sounds like the song just started. Her problem is that she lacks emotion in her singing

  5. SNSD has more than 1 good singer..true, and Seohyun is my favorite. I love her voices, it can be sweet, calm, thick (how to describe this feel..) and sexy..when great escape, stuff like that there, and the boys song come out, I fall in love more with her voices. Agreed, she have a good sense of harmonizing with others. I hope she can get more opportunity in the future to improve and showcase more of her singing talent by trying to sing many genre/variety of song so that I can see more of her emotion/interpretation on different kind of song..fighting!

  6. I’m 100% agree with all your statement except this one “The Infamous Banmal Song with Jung Yonghwa of CN Blue”

    I think banmal song was very famous song not only for Yongseo shipper but for all the people around the world that know seohyun and yonghwa.

    • I apologize, the word was misused on my part… I didn’t realize that it always has a negative connotation. I figured I could use it to mean “unforgettable” or something to that effect. I am also a goguma! haha will edit the phrase 🙂

  7. For vocal i prefer Taeyeon
    but overall(vocal,beuty,personality) it must be SeoHyun
    if someone ask me ‘who SNSD members do you most like?’
    my answer definately SeoHyun

    She so Unique
    it so hard nowday to find a woman like SeoHyun
    Im a big fan for SeoHyun and also Goguma Couple

  8. she has everything…good voice…talent..beauty and good heart..cannot ask for more..

  9. And here we can see Seo covering for Yoona on Live With Kelly during their The Boys American promotions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne0V1SIPsiw

    It starts during Yoona’s lines after Taeyeon in the first verse (around 2:04). A fan unwittingly caught the thing on camera.

  10. Agree, definitely! I really want to see her start moving out of her comfort range though!

  11. I think she’s one of the most perfect (smart, tall, beautiful, both in dancer and vocal line, innocent maknae) ones in SNSD. My only complains are her singing technique ( sometimes you could hear her breathing so hard when singing). and her lacks of emotion (She’s like SHINee’s Taemin in that aspect. Peace Taemints, you know how Taemin sings ballad right? I’m not bashing him. He simply sings).
    But I think she’s much improved this days. Btw, my brother loves you so much!
    Hope for a successful future for you and (Jessica) and the rest of SNSD.

  12. She is good! I can’t believe Tiffany is supposedly a better singer than Seohyun. According to sm entertainment now URGGHHH!

  13. I agree! I love her singing. I don’t get how Tiffany is considered better than Seohyun nowadays. I don’t like Tiffany’s singing because she strains too much and Seohyun does it easily. 1. Taeyeon 2. Jessica 3. SEOHYUN (not Tiffany) 4-9 . then the rest of SNSD

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