Seohyun on the set of W Korea SM Fashionistas Shoot

The upcoming issue of W Korea features artists from SM Entertainment modeling the French line “Carven”. On the second day of the shoot, Seohyun was present along with Yoona and members of EXO. Ladies and Gentleman, prepare yourselves for these stunning images.


Other Photos/Gifs


*Ahem* Fangirls/boys… Brace yourselves for this next one

This maknae has the sultry look down PAT! And the next thing you know, she’s as adorable as ever when playing around with that fluffy poodle. When have we ever envied a poodle as much as we did during that clip? Don’t lie… hehe

I am looking forward to some great photos from this shoot! The previews are stunning! I might have to dig into the wallet to purchase this magazine. It was also interesting to see some shots of the elusive EXO boys. I wonder when they will debut…


  • Gifs – The wonderful people at Seohyun’s Soshified Spazz Thread
  • Videos – SMTOWN Youtube Channel
  • Photos – SMTOWN Facebook, Tumblr

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