New Selca and Message for Japanese SONE from Seohyun!

Seohyun uploaded a gorgeous selca along with a few words of gratitude to her Japanese fans.

How is everyone~? It’s Seohyun. Recently we’ve been coming to Japan often and I’m happy that we can meet many of you. ❤ Thanks to everyone, last year we were able to attend Kouhaku Utagassen. Thank you very much.
This is a picture when I was backstage at Kouhaku Utagassen.
I really like this mirror and use it everyday. It’s cute and full of flowers~ ^^
We’ll try hard this year so that we can meet everyone a lot in 2012!

It really was quite a feat to land a spot on the Japanese New Year’s Eve Special, Kouhaku Utagassen. It seems that 少女時代 is actually quite relevant in Japan these days.

As a side note, I did read the original Japanese text, but honestly this woman puts me to shame. I am currently studying the language, but she uses some advanced kanji characters that I was not able to decipher. Good job on your Japanese, Seobaby! Continue to study hard!

All credits to Soshified (SNSD International Forum)

source: via Japan mobile fansite


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