Hoihoon prefers Taeyeon over Seohyun?

In episode 4 of Dangerous Boys, the boys are asked to write touching messages on Christmas cards to give to their mentors. Before even beginning to read his cards aloud, Hoihoon begins to apologize profusely to Seohyun. What’s wrong with his Christmas message?

Hmm.. well it turns out we’ve got a Taeyeon fanboy on our hands.

So, basically, Hoihoon apologizes for the differences in quality of his messages. His message to Seohyun is a nice one, but very brief and pretty standard. He talks about being the maknae of the group as Seohyun is the maknae of hers. When he gets to Taeyeon’s letter… he starts to giggle nervously. It ends up being a full on fanboy session, where he praises the godess for being the sunshine in his life, among other things. He even ends the letter saying something like “You’re too pretty, you’ve broken the rules, leave.” hahahahaha So corny, I love it!

Well Seomates, can you blame the boy? He looks so adorable while fawning over his “goddess Taeyeon”. However, I’m sure any one of us would have liked to be in his place to make Seohyun feel just as special, if not more. Honestly, even from the first episode, I could tell it’d be hard for Hoihoon to connect to someone with Seohyun’s personality. But I mean… since when has Seohyun been easy to connect with? Seohyun seemed to be doing all the talking during their therapy sessions, but Taeyeon has been doing her part as well by reaching out during their freetime hours. It’s only episode 4, so let’s hope that Hoihoon has more time to connect with both of his mentors. Although they each show that they care in different ways, it is obvious that they are both invested.

Thank you to YuriKwonBlkPearl at Youtube for the subs!



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