Happy New Year, Seomates!

New Year’s Message from Seohyun:

I hope you can make it a great year by making everything~ you plan come true~! Happy new year

Thanks to anyone who reads my blog and to anyone who has been supporting Seohyun and the girls. We’ve had a great year enjoying all of their accomplishments. The girls took over Japan, Paris, and New York. They put out 2 new full length albums and topped the charts multiple times. Endorsements have been rolling in and they have been sweeping award shows left and right. Let’s keep supporting them into the New Year! SONE, you have been amazing.

I got a stats report from WordPress and here are the top 5 posts of the year at Forever Seomate:

  1.  Seohyun at the 2011 MAMA Awards
  2. Seohyun on the Red Carpet – 2011 Style Icon Awards 110311
  3. [OPINION] Should fashion choices really be all that important to fans of Seohyun?
  4. Seohyun is Bringing the Boys Back: New SNSD Teasers
  5. What Goes On in Seohyun’s Brain?

The MAMA Awards were a REALLY hot topic and brought in the most views by far.

The most visitors to my blog came from Malaysia, The United States and Indonesia!

I am ready for another great year and expect a lot of awesome things from Seohyun and the Soshi girls. They’re not finished yet!

Special Project for 2012

On a separate note, I didn’t want to add this in as a blog post, but for those of you that are members of Soshified, I would like to invite you to help us celebrate Seohyun’s 400th page at her spazz thread. 400 is not a lot and she’s far from catching up to her unnie’s spazz pages, so we thought we’d create this project to not only celebrate our accomplishments so far but to encourage more people to join in. A spazz thread is basically a place to go and find the latest news and pictures of your favorite SNSD girl and spazz in real time with other dedicated Seomates. Let’s help build our community! I am an organizer and will be sponsoring prizes as well, so participate in one of our 3 contests! 2 of these contests have ZERO entries so far, you have a really good chance to win a brand new Mr. Taxi album if you choose to enter.

Here’s a video with some general information. If you’re interested in learning more, please visit the thread!


Translation – Soshified


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