Seohyun for Japanese 1st Album Repackage

Our sophisticated lady in yellow ๐Ÿ˜‰

Absolutely breathtaking! I can’t say that I’m a YoonHyun shipper, but these two look magnificent together.

About the repackage itself, according to various sources, the first press limited edition (poster version)ย is sold out from the usual places SONE go to get their Japanese merchandise. Here are a few pre-order links from YesAsia to anyone who’s interested in the other versions.

First Press Limited Edition (Comes with DVD and 2 rubber coasters)

Normal Version

Note: I usually post YesAsia links since it’s the only place I’ve ever purchased official Soshi merchandise from. They have been trustworthyย and can’t beat the free shipping! However, ย feel free to shop around as they aren’t the only ones selling it!

Take a listen to “Time Machine”, one of the new songs featured on the repackage, written by Hiro (the man behind favorites such as Let It Rain)


  • SweetPotatoDays (for 2 Scans)
  • Uploader CullenCrest1000

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