Seohyun Piano Skills Appreciation Post

One of the reasons I love and appreciate this girl so much is because of how talented and passionate she is in different areas of her life. Her piano playing is no exception. After realizing that I can listen to one of her pieces on loop about as much as a song like “Mr. Taxi” or “Run Devil Run”, I figured it’s time they needed their own post.

Wordy Disclaimer: With the exception of “Yankee Doodle”, I have never played anything on a piano. I have not taken lessons nor am I an expert on classical or jazz piano. I do, however, like to listen to these genres every once and awhile and appreciate them. If you peruse the comments on any Seohyun piano video, there will undoubtedly be two kinds of commenters. The “OMG she’s the best piano player in the world!!” camp and the “experts” who’ll say something along the lines of “She did this wrong and that’s too slow and she’s definitely not up to par with a professional.” I don’t agree with either to be quite honest. I know that she’s no concert pianist, but her skills are good enough to where the casual listener can genuinely appreciate her playing and be touched by it. She’s a freakin K-Pop idol for pete’s sake. The girl is both a college student and busy touring the world but she still plays well enough to truly impress me. It’s admirable.

And now on to the appreciation!! Here are some of my favorites in chronological order (I did my best on the order, please correct any mistakes).

1. Chopin’s “Fantasie Impromptu” on MTV SNSD Special

Absolutely marvelous and breath taking. I remember when I first came across this piece. It was near the beginning of this year and although I had been a casual fan of SNSD since last year, I was in the process of becoming a hardcore SONE. After watching the “Soshi Bible” aka the Girls Go to School series, I moved on to a less popular series called MTV SNSD that aired a bit after the girls’ debut. The episodes weren’t exactly exciting, but I decided to tune into Seohyun’s none the less. The series was a documentary that followed each girl for an entire hour doing something the she loved to do on her free time. Most of the other episodes featured family, but Seohyun’s began with an interview and small segment about her hobby. I expected her to start playing a simple tune but I was COMPLETELY caught off guard. I think my mouth was literally wide open. I did not expect Seohyun to play this way! Now about the criticisms, yes this piece was played slower than the original is supposed to be played and I confirmed it by listening to a few other versions. But I am still impressed and enjoy her version just as much. I can literally listen to this over and over, it is such a dramatic piece that makes your heart stop. I don’t know complicated musical terminology, but I do know when I hear something that truly moves me.

2. Taeyeon – “Can You Hear Me” – Beethoven Virus OST

This is one of many performances where Seohyun is accompanying a talented singer. Of course one of my favorites is with none other than our kid leader, Ms. Kim Taeyeon. Watching both leader and maknae connect through music is a beautiful thing and Seohyun’s piano playing perfectly showcases Taeyeon’s beautiful voice. Again, I don’t play piano so I don’t know if there’s anything particularly difficult about playing this song, but it is still awesome to watch and listen to. And I have a love for SNSD OSTs and Korean drama OSTs in general, so that helps.

3. Kim Tae Woo – “Love Rain”

In this performance, Seohyun had a chance to shine. Not only was the piano more of the focus towards the beginning, but she even sang a few lines. And not to mention, Kim Tae Woo is not too shabby himself (a bit of an understatement actually).

4. Beethoven Sonata No. 8 + Gee (Jazz Version)

When I think of classical music, I think of the romantic era and Beethoven most definitely comes to mind. When one of his compositions is played, everything just stops. I love hearing Seohyun playing this piece. She then goes into the Gee jazz version, which is in a style she seems to be more comfortable with. I’ve heard the jazz version before and I really love it, now even more so that I’ve heard it by Seohyun.

5. Ravel’s “Alborada del Gracioso” – Into the New World 1st Asia Tour

WOW. This is a very short intro to her solo performance during SNSD’s 1st tour, but it blew me away. It would have to be my second favorite after the Fantasie Impromptu. I am a very new SONE so I was first introduced to this while watching my ITNW DVD a few months ago. This is another that I can just listen to over and over, such an interesting melody. I’ve even sought out the original version and regularly play it when I get into the classical mood. I think it was the perfect introduction to precede her “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” solo.

6. YongSeo Couple – Falling Slowly

Ah… the We Got Married series. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can thank this show for truly putting a spotlight on all of the maknae’s virtues and talents. Back when I first saw this cover, I was not yet a Seomate nor SONE and I remember being entranced. I was not only impressed by their English pronunciation, but also at their perfect harmony. Like the MCs themselves mentioned, it was like something out of a movie. I made sure to leave in a small clip at the end where Seo mentions that the cover was totally impromptu and she had never played it before. Skill, I tell ya! She’s a boss!

And that’s it for my favorite piano performances of Seo Joo Hyun. I may not be the most qualified to critique such things, but I think a post like this just needed to exist. This is just another reason why many others and myself have become Seohyun biased. Of course being a fairly new Seomate, I could be missing something epic. Are there any awesome Seobb piano solos that you know of? Which one of these was your favorite? Are there any other “geeks” like me out there that enjoy listening to her piano solos over and over? Let me know, I’m really curious!


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